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9 Months Under the Bar from Skinny Fat


Hi im new here, i have no before photos but basically i had zero muscle and quite amount of fat, skinny fat. I went to the gym and lift heavy from day 1 and i eat around 3000-5000 calories per day to support muscle growth, 9 months doing that. I am very happy with my progress and i love bodybuilding and i am heading towards a healthy, good looking body. Whats bothering me is my fat, i have a decent amount of fat, belly, tits n waist. Should i continue lifting heavy and eat well or "bulk" or should i focus on losing the fat with a calorie deficit but still lift heavy ofc. I have a good bodybuilding oppurtunity for the next 3 months im staying at a place for 3 months and theres a very nice gym here in the same house and more then enough food n salad, i want to go all in and i can choose if i eat 2000calories or 4000,theres more then enough food i also bought Plasma Muscle supplement 1 month cycle am gona try that out... Should i "bulk" or "cut"


First things first you need to get a handle of your calorie consumption, around 3000-5000?


If calories are available for these 3 months and may not be available for later you better make good use out of them. If you've been always lifting heavy I advise you to include some 20-50 rep sets. These will be a new stimulus for your body to grow.


Are you getting stronger , this is indication of muscle growth. My freshman year of high school i made huge strength gains around hundred pounds on bench.but i put on bdfat.
Then i started doing squats and deadlifts more and got rid of some flab.
I think some 20 rep squats would be perfect exercise. Find out max then add 5lb a week.