9 Months Progress

Just hurt myself so I thought I would post progress:
Squat Before - 225 X 13
Squat After - 295 X 12
Press Before - 120 X 9
Press After - 130 X 9
Deadlift Before - 310 X 15
Deadlift After - 370 X 14
Bench Before - 195 X 10
Bench After - 215 X 8

Thanks, Jim.

Very impressive progress - now get your ass healthy. Although technically it was a shitty thing, fucking up my back helped me learn more about training than if I hadn’t. I wish things had been different but not only did I learn about rehab and how to program training but I have new goals, and a totally different take on training.

In other words, find something good about being hurt or it’ll be a waste of time.

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Thanks, Jim! Wise words. I believe I tore an intercostal on the last rep here: 310 x 8 with injury - YouTube. Felt a pop and hurt like hell.

As you can see my form went bad. I love pushing the AMRAP sets but I think I’m pushing them too far. I literally hit a PR every workout on squats for the entire 9 months!

Remember - it’s not an ANRAP set. It’s a PR set!