9 Months on Roids


I got a question there,…
I’ve been on gear for quite some time now.

Im 28years
Height 175cm
Weight 80kg

First 3 months on Test E 600mg/week and deca P 200mg/week, than about a month off.
Started again on Anadrol for 50days and a month off.
Than i got 10weeks of TestE 600mg/week and Deca Durabolin 300mg/week.

Tell me how are the chances that my body wont produce testosterone on it’s own?
And approximatly after how much time off would i be sure, or do the labs?

Thanks for all infos…!

Best Regards.

You’re kind of all over the map here. But theoretically (because we don’t have anything else to go by) you’ll know if your production is back online about 8-10 weeks after your body has cleared the esters. This assumes you’re not running pct, which is a whole different can of worms.

Thanks yuppie!
Yes i know,…
The thing is, between the last cycle i did pct, butwhen i stopped tamox i a week or two after i got back on gear (last cycle).
Now i have tamox for pct, i also have a spare vial of test 250.
Now its the third week off i feel a beet sleepy and shitty like i’m suposed too, i dont know or i should stop or just cruise on 100mg/week (trt).

Very unclear. Can’t figure out if you stopped the Test and Deca. When was the last pin for each one?

Sunday it will be 3weeks from last pin of each.

The deca will take about 10 weeks to clear the body. Most would time the Test. E so that it clears at about the same time as the other compound. So, you would have wanted to drop the Deca about 3 weeks before stopping the Test. E.

Still not sure what your plan is. If PCT, then run Tamoxifen 10mg EOD for 4 weeks. Others will tell you to take more. You will feel like crap taking more than what I recommend and it won’t be necessary.

Thanks @TRT_Phoenix
Now what my real question is, if my body will produce than testosterone on itself, after so much time… What are the chances…
I was planing to do tamoxifen pct yes.

I suppose you are on TRT because of the Nickname… So tell me that… If happens that i have to do TRT then… Do i ned arimidex on 100mg/week?
Yust a info question…

That’s what’s bothering me… :slightly_smiling_face:

some don’t need arimidex on 600 a week (me) some need arimidex on 300 a week (a friend). run 100 for a couple weeks and get blood tests for estrogen levels as well as free T and total T. numbers are just numbers when it comes dosage and those numbers mean different things to everyBODY


Now i have a question if someone could help me out…

I did my pct and time off anyway then, didn’t use the deca test cycle. … So now i’m gonna start another cycle:
i got 10weeks of TestE 600mg/week and Deca Durabolin 300mg/week. And some dianabol for kickstart…

Now i know that deca is mostly to build mass, and since allways i’ve been struggling with the right amount of food… Mostly when i got gains i got fat also…

So if someone culd just give me some advice how should i ingest the nutritions…
Like approximately how mutch protein, carbs and fats and when in the day… So i get a good picture of what i eat…
For example:
Morning- 30gprotein 50g carbs 20g fat… Etc… Just so i get a better picture, since i gonna do Deca now…

P. S. The bloathing is not that much of a problem

Still got around 80kg bodyweight.


Wrong section of the forums bud. Go here Supplements and Nutrition - Forums - T Nation

To be honest, if you need that much help in fixing your nutrition, steroids should be the last thing on your mind.