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9 Months of Lifting 6'1 & 175 lbs Good Potential/Genetics?

What do you guys think? I know i need to build more mass but i wanna know if this is good progress for 9 months and if i have good genetics for bodybuilding.
My abs are not as visible because im bulking

right now.

Ronnie Coleman better watch out

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Lol XD Do you have any points that i need to work on u think?

Legs and back look rough


Try posting some full front and back pictures without flexing in natural lighting. Otherwise you’re trolling.


Looking good! Keep training. Your “genetics” obviously aren’t bad, but you’ve gotta qualify your question.

“Are my genetics good enough to compete in a local bodybuilding show and look good doing it?”


“Are my genetics good enough to be a bodybuilding champion?”

I can just say “Nope!” without you posting pictures and I’ll have a 99.99% success rate telling everyone that when they ask.

But, like I said, you look great. You’ve barely started lifting, so just keep at it. Start a training log here too - lots of info to be had here.

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6’1" and 175 lbs: first thing comes to mind is your legs are too skinny.

Your delts have good shape. Maybe you have some potential. More time and/or pics can reveal more information.

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Thanks! Will keep posting more in the future.