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9 Months into TRT Journey, Need Change of Course

First off, I am new to this forum and I am looking fro advice on TRT. 38yo, 6’5, 225, athletic, good balanced diet

SCRIPT: 200mg/1ml, 1 shot per week

April 2020: Baseline, prior TRT, 242lbs
Total T: 147 (YES 147)
Total E: 102
Tired, brain fog, depressed, low sex drive

June 2020
Total T: 1123 (+976)
Total E: 117 (+15)
More energy, better sleep, increased sex drive, mild ED. Nipples tender

Sept 2020
Total T: 676 (-447)
Total E: 141 (+24)
Good energy, good sleep, no sex drive, mild ED, No appetite

Dec 2020
Total T:714 (+38)
Total E: 157 (+16)
Good, energy, Good sleep, No sex drive, ED, Never thirsty, Low appetite

*After this blood-work, the doc prescribed me with Arimidex (1mg pills). He suggested 1 pill per week, however he stated "your numbers are HIGH so you may benefit from (2) pills a week until next blood work.

Could i benefit from taking (2) injections @ 100mg.5ml instead or (1) injection @ 200mg\1ml???

How many Arimidex per week?

When should i take the Arimidex? Same time as injection, 24 hours later, etc??

All information is welcome, and thanks for the input.

Where all of these blood draws taken right before your next shot?

Total estrogens is the wrong test, you should be testing for estrogen. Total estrogen picks up on other types of estrogens.

Its difficult to critic your labs because no one knows how much of the active portion of testosterone is active in the bloodstream, the Free T is where the rubber meets the road.

The Total T is junk. You may need to inject smaller dosages more frequently to get E2 to a level that works better for you.

Your doctor should never have given you an AI without first trying more frequent dosing. Cialis can decrease aromatization which Cialis is known to do, after a few weeks it correct my extreme case of aromatization do to a high body fat percentage.

Most reported cases saw a dramatic decrease in aromatization in 12 months on Cialis.

They appear high cos he tested the wrong thing. Do not take 2mg of anastrozole, likely don’t take 1mg. Maybe don’t take any.

Have you tried splitting your injections up into 2x per week (half dose each time)? May help you feel more consistent throughout the week

He literally tested the wrong thing, he needs to be testing estradiol (e2) not total estrogens.

Your total T also isn’t all that high. What’s free T? What’s SHBG? 2mg/week of that Arimidex and I guarantee you’ll be miserable within a few weeks if not sooner.

Every blood test was done @ approx 4 pm, on Weds.

Every injection was preformed @ approx 6am, on Fridays
So, roughly my blood was drawn 130 hrs after last injection, 38 hrs prior to next injection on Fridays.

I plan on splitting my injections, 100mg/.5 ml x 2/weekly for 200mg/1ml total/week (New self-protocol)

So, NO ARIMIDEX??? or just a specific dosage?

I am going to request:

Anything else??

Not until you get e2 tested.

Also, usually you want to check bloods at the lowest level. That should be right before your shot, the day of, before you take it