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9 Months After Cycle

Hey guys, I have a serious question I started a cycle of test e, eq, and anavar, I did not get my pct right away due to complications in delivery. Here is the rub, that was 9 months ago… I came off cold and felt so bad that I began a maintainance dose, there was a huge bust in my area and I have not been able to find squat, anyway my question is am I going to require t therapy/ Or is it possible to kickstart my system? I went to a doctor month 4, but he just flipped out over it no help at all I am seriously stressed over this and would appreciate any advice, ideas, info at all. Now when I say info I mean about the possibility of being “normal” again. Thank you all for reading. oh my maintainance is just test. and I normally would not start a cycle without pct in hand but this guy was solid til he got busted/ HELP!!!

lol oh god… this is why kids shouldnt mess with steroids

OP, find a source online… check out other bodybuilding sites and u will find one. order clomid… id say about 6-8 weeks of it just to be safe.

run it, and report back.

Thanx dude, U rock

I to am interested in general pct products such as clomid lol and other products to of course. I am not trying to hijack the thread at all Im just asking a question about a answer that was given. Am I maybe just to paranoid and I need to just start trying sources?

Damn that sucks, i feel lucky to be able to buy from any pharmacy.