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9 month transformation



Quick backstory:

Was a fairly active lifter throughout high school and college, but my gains were always well short of exceptional, mostly due to my lack of attention toward diet.

Around age 22, I stopped training altogether as my drinking got progressively worse. After about 2 years straight of ridiculous alcohol consumption, I finally stopped. The first, and best, thing I did for myself was to begin lifting again. For the most part (I relapsed a few times briefly) I have not looked back.

I've done 2 cutting cycles and one bulking cycle. The first two pics are about 2-3 weeks into my first cut, and the after pics were taken today/a few days ago.

Open to questions about anything. Thanks for taking the time.

Stats: 5'11, 175

Deadlift 1RM: 315
Squat 1RM: 255
Bench 1RM: ~205

Current diet: I hit daily macros of 40/40/20 for about 1800-2000 calories (at the tail end of a cut). I eat very clean.


2nd beginning




after front relax


after mm


after back relax


after back relax


after back bi


The results of your cut are obvious. But tell me, did the barber use a number two or a number three?


The imbalance between your traps in the first pic is frightening me. What are your goals? I applaud you on the "progress" that you've made and would urge you to keep it up and move forward.


Keep on keeping on.
What was your total weight loss?


Good progress, wrong forum of course.


Initial cut went from 205 to 177. Then I bulked back close to 200, and cut back down to my current weight of 175. I am finishing up my cut in like the next week.. I'll probably end up ~173. So I've lost ~30 lb from my heaviest and added some LBM.


Some lean body mass?
It is obvious you are making progress but those numbers mean very little. Dropping 25 pounds then putting it back on then losing it then putting it back.

Do you know what your body fat was after your first cut compared to your estimated 173?

If you were 177 with 15% body fat but are hoping to get to 173 with 5% body fat then you have made some real progress.


Fair enough. I don't have exact numbers in terms of BF% at respective points in my progress etc, but I do have a few pictures from the end of my first cut.




Just a bit more lower lats would round out your symmetry nicely. Delts are capped off to all hell! Serratus dug out like nobody's business. Those quads could flare some more to the side, though. And shave off, this is the Olympia God damn it!


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