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9 Month Transformation


I started working with Shelby Starnes in late October of 2008. I took this picture last week. When I started my body weight was 268, it's now 196. Waist was 48 inches, it's now 32. Rate my physique might not be the right place for these pics, but you can rate the transfomation if you want...


Good work man!


Nice work! how tall are you? 268lbs is a big boy!


5 ft 8.


sold neightbor, again congrats.


Good work man!


I've still got 7 weeks left to complete the transformation. I'm going to enter a show on October 3rd...


Fantastic! Congrats man, very well done indeed!


Holy shit due...


Nice. Well done.


We used a carb cycling approach for most of the diet, and have recently switched to a keto diet. All of the training I did was using a rest pause template (DC)...


Some serious dedication in that transformation man. You really went out with a goal and killed it. Keep up the good work!


Great job - looking really good.

Best of luck with your show.


One more from the back...


nice job !
respect bro


holy smokes, cutting 72 lbs is no joke

by the dates you put that was about a nine month cut right?


Yes. When I'm completely finished I should be just shy of a year, and about 90 or so lbs dropped. I'd like to get to 168 to make it an even 100. At this point though, I'll take what I get.


Looks better from behind than the front (sounds dodgy, I know). The calves looks bigger this way as do the traps. As for the general trunk, well done.

In the front pictures, the chest/abs look a bit weak/undevelopped. Surely because you need to dry a bit more. And you lack brachialis. I DO LOVE brachialis... :wink:

Really, REALLY, nice going there! Keep the good work, you'll kill'em all!


How long have you been training?


Depends on what you mean I guess? I played college football, so I did quite a bit of training then. I quit training alltogether for about 5 years, then started DC training. Roughly nine months of DC training...