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9-lb. UK Breakfast... Give It a Go?


Certainly beats anything I've seen in America. How much do those jumbo steaks weigh? 64 ounces?
Personally I'd give it a shot if it were not for that nasty-ass black pudding.

From the article:

Jesters Diner invites customers to take on the challenge of eating the entire platter in 60 minutes, with no help. Polishing it off within that time would allow those daring enough to try it to get the meal for free. If they fail, they pay 15 GBP, or about $24.

Here's what's on the plate:

  • 12 pieces of bacon

  • 12 sausages

  • six eggs

  • four slices of black pudding

  • four slices of bread and butter

  • four slices of toast

  • four slices of fried bread

  • two hash browns

  • an eight-egg cheese and potato omelet

  • sautÃ??Ã?©ed potatoes

  • mushrooms

  • beans

  • tomatoes

The amount of calories in the breakfast is about the equivalent of three days worth of food for an adult.


i love how it has toast, AND bread, Omlette AND eggs


No way could I stomach all that.

Plus, they're just repackaging the some ingredients into different styles, as caveman said.


for 24 bucks though that sounds like a good deal


Bambi's contribution to this thread
lots of bacon, sausages, baked beans, flatbread, hashbrowns there's black pudding underneath there somewhere. No eggs unfortunately and probably lots of other stuff. It was fantastic.

Don't mess with a British Breakfast


Here it is.

I doubt I could finish it in the 60 minutes, but I bet I could put a huge dent in it


I wonder if any top pro bodybuilder would be able to finish one of these after a show.


No soccer player could, that's for sure.


minus the gluten products i could totally pack that down. I have quite regularly put down similar breakfasts


LOL, I guess you haven't seen this then.


lol actually Kai was the first name that popped into my head. I don't know if what he had is quite 9lbs of food though, my guess would be that it is very close.


Stop eating so many jelly donuts, girls are into teh jellys.


Leave it to the British to ruin breakfast.


I wish somewhere around here served up Sunday Roast, that's for damn sure.


There's a burger challenge here in Taipei that has about a 5lb burger, lots of fries ( I think 2 lbs of them) a bowl of mased potatoes and two brownies and if you finish in 45 minutes they give you $300 American dollars.

I think I'll try it next week.


i wish we could hang out irl nards


Here's a pic I found of the burger next to one of their regular burgers. The regular is about the size of a McDonalds Quarter-Pounder, just a bit bigger.


I've seen your pics man...you don't live in the same real life as me, or anyone else!


I'm hungry now


it's a tough job but someone has to do it