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9-Day Split? Can't Find Any Info


Been looking for a while on 9-Day splits, can't really find much - maybe it's not called a 9-Day split?! I've tried a bunch of splits but I love the 9-day the most. By 9-Day I mean the following:

Day 1, Chest
Day 2, Back
Day 3, Rest
Day 4, Tris
Day 5, Bis
Day 6, Rest
Day 7, Shoulders
Day 8, Legs
Day 9, Rest

I used this split during my bulk and fell in love with it. Learned it from my partner in Iraq who was huge, but I cant really find any info on it. What do you guys think about a 9-day versus 3-day or 6-day? Know any links for more info I can't find any?

My Stats:
Age: 24
Lifting 3 years ('07), used bowflex in '06 so I guess technically 4 years
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 205, was 215 about a month ago when I started the palumbo diet

Last week I did the following:

DB Bench: 55x4, 65x4, 80x3, 85x3, 90x3, 95x3, 100x3, 110x2, 55x7
DB Flys: 15x4, 20x4, 25x3, 30x3, 35x3, 40x3, 45x3, 50x1, 20x15
Incline DB: 35x4, 45x4, 55x3, 60x3, 65x3, 70x3, 75x3, 35x8
DB Bench Dropset 80 -> 15

Deads: 135x4, 185x4, 225x3, 275x3, 315x3, 365x3, 405x1, 455 attempt (half way), 225x15
Wide Pulldowns: 90x4, 105x4, 135x3, 150x3, 165x3, 180x3, 195x3, 210x2 cheated last rep, 135x15
Narrow Pullbacks: 105x4, 120x4, 150x3, 165x3, 180x3, 195x3, Dropset 210 -> 40
Row Machine: 45x4, 70x4, 90x3, 115x3, 155x3, PUKED EVERYWHERE, 155x3, 205x1, 90x15
for traps i usually just take a bag of pellets in each hand (40lbs) and walk on the treadmill at home. Do that on/off for about 20 min

30-min morning walk, stair climber in the evening

Seated Dips - 135x5, 185x4, 225x3, 275x3, 315x3, 365x3, 405x3, 455x3, 495 got it up about half way and my shoulder started hurting so I stopped
French Press - 35x4, 50x4, 60x3, 70x3, 80x3, 90x3, 100x3, 110x2, 40x25
Incline Rope Pulldowns (I set an incline bench underneath rope) - 50x4, 60x4, 70x3, 80x3, 90x3, 100x3
French Press Dropset - 80 -> 15

EZ Bar Curls - 55x4, 65x4, 75x3, 85x3, 95x3, 105x3, 115x3, 125x3, Dropset 135 -> 55 -10lbs
Hammer Curls - 15x4, 20x4, 25x3, 30x3, 35x3, 40x3, 45x3, 50x3, 55x3, 60x3, 35x15
Incline Curls - 15x3, 20x4, 25x3, 30x3, 35x3 (cheated last rep), 30x1 (cheated on right arm), 25x12
Preacher DB Curls - 15x4, 20x4, 25x3, 30x3, CRAPPED MY PANTS when I farted but usually I would do a dropset on the rope machine

2 30 min walk sessions

DAY 7 SHOULDERS - EVENING TRAPS or Neck bridges (this is new for me)
Military Press on smith (i dont have a spotter) - 95x4, 105x4, 135x3, 185x3, 205x2, 185x2, 195x2, 205x1, 215 attempt, 95x12
Lat Raisse to Front Raise SuperSet - 10x15, 10x15, 20x3, 25x3, 25x3
Rear Flys - 60x4, 70x4, 100x3, 110x3, 120x3, 130x3, 140x3, 150x3, 160x3, dropset 170 -> 30

Squat - 95x4, 135x4, 185x3, 225x3, 275x3, 315x3, 365x2, 385 I farted and lost concentration, 225x12
Leg Curl - 75x4, 90x4, 105x3, 120x3, 135x3, 150x3, 75x12
Leg Ext - 90x4, 105x4, 120x3, 150x3, 165x3, 180x3, 195x3, 205x3, 240x3, 270x3, 285x3, 285 dropset to 90
Usually I'll do another set of squats at 135 until muscle failure

Cheat Day


There are various versions of the 9 day split you're talking about. It could have originated from just about anyone but I remember one particular person who made it popular over at the bodybuilding.com forums.

His User ID was Hola Bola (http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/HolaBola/). He made pretty nice gains off it while staying natural.

I haven't been over to those forums in years so I wouldn't know if he still uses it but you can do a Google search with his name and you'll probably find more info.


Found plenty of stuff, including his journal. thanks!


No problem.

Good Luck


this is very new to me, seems like it hasn't surfaced in a while for a reason...but if it works for you then thats all that matters


That's pretty much how Jeff Rodriguez trains with the 2 days on 1 day off 'cept his is a 5 day split instead of 6. Probably why he can train so damn heavy all the time, though he's increased his rep range a bit lately if I remember correctly. Seems some people can benefit from having more than usual recovery time.