▶️ 9 Band Exercises for Abs

Getting a six-pack is about more than diet. Like the any other muscle, your abs have to be BUILT. Bands make it easy to add resistance. Here are 9 hypertrophy exercises you can do just about anywhere.

Gareth Sapstead
Narrated by Dani Shugart

Need some bands? These are great*.

00:00 9 Band Exercises for Abs
00:13 Standing Band Crunch
00:23 Standing Band Crunch, Staggered Stance
00:29 Seated Band Crunch (Band Behind)
00:37 Seated Band Crunch (Band In Front)
00:44 Band Oblique Crunch
00:50 Band Tate Side Bend
00:58 Low-to-High Band Chop
01:10 Horizontal Band Chop
01:20 High-to-Low Band Chop

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