9 Annoying Things in the Fitness Community

Love fitness, love lifting, but feel free to hate these nine things. Coach Carter sure does.

  1. All of the “love your body” articles that are somehow fitness related, and without fail are written by lazy people with excessive adipose tissue. Type 2 diabetes doesn’t care how much you love your body.

  2. All the people who “love love love” the above articles. You’re fat too. We already know. And stop abusing the word “curves.”

  3. Dumb lifts for attention. We got it, bro. You’re stupid in the gym and didn’t get enough hugs as a child.

  4. Women who don’t lift posting labia photos over and over again and writing fitness advice under it.

  5. All the skinny bros with exactly 1.7 ounces of muscle mass who chime in on stuff about training or nutrition because they once had a membership at Planet Fitness where they did 10-pound dumbbell curls.

  6. The lack of “likes” or “following” for truly intelligent people in the industry who put out great content and get little exposure. I’m friends with some of the smartest minds in training and nutrition, and many of them get almost no visibility on social media. That doesn’t piss me off as much as it makes me sad.

  7. Anyone who thinks that someone only got stronger, leaner, or bigger than them due to steroids. You’re weak, small, or fat because you suck. Your work ethic sucks, and your mentality about life and training suck. And the belittlement of someone else’s achievements that are greater than yours just makes you look like an insecure ass clown.

  8. Kale.

  9. Functional strength gurus and training that revolve around BOSU balls, wobble boards, and crazy pills… because you must be taking them to do the nonsense that some of those functional gurus are teaching. I’ve never met a single person I’d dread meeting in a dark alley that spent a bunch of time on a BOSU ball.