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9/9 First Powerlifting Meet - Bulging Disc Injury 145/95/195


Did my first ever powerlifting meet on 16th of July.


Weighed in @85KG for the Under 90KG Class

I have 3 Bulging disc @ @ L5/S1, L3/4 and L2/3

I know its not very heavy, but It’s the best I could do and hopefully I’ll get stronger and hit some PRs next meet.


Never say “I know it’s not very heavy”. Heavy is very relative and it’s awesome you’re getting after it dude! Stay persistent and crush some big numbers in the future!


Don’t apologize for getting out there and doing your best! And that is one hell of a deep squat!


Good job dude … When I did my first meet all I could think of was getting ready for the next one!


Wonderful squat form! Congratulations on your first meet.


@stetsonpower Thanks for the encouraging words! I just meant not heavy compared to the weights I see people on the forum lift.

@kpsnap Thanks! Depth is the only thing that I’m truley confident in haha

@max13 Same, I can’t wait to get back into training for my next meet. The journey is just as good as the end goal

@Congokurt Thank you very much


Nice meet good form but one question what do you do about the discs issue?


Did you have the back injury before, during or after the meet?


good job but how dafuq do you go into a meet with 3 fcked up discs?


Was wondering the same thing that’s why I was wondering if it happened at the meet


@dredka I’ve had it for about 3 years now and only started training properly at the start of the year. I do core work twice a day and ice my back whenever it starts to ache/swole up.

@stetsonpower @rakshy I injured it 3 years ago and had tremendous pain, to the point where I couldnt get out out bed, walk straight or go toilet without assistance. Bulging is not as bad as a herniated disc, so with alot of core work I’m able to lift moderately again. I can’t really do high reps because of the time under load which aggravates my back.