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9-12 Project


Did anyone else see this. America has awoken.

Watch what happens when CNN shows up.


If you call shouting over a female cnn reporter, "awoken". well then that revolution has already failed. Ive seen high schoolers protest harder than that.

When they can get a live feed shut down, then maybe that will say somthing.


You can call it what you like, but this is the people's way of telling the government that they will not just shut up anymore. And rightfully so. I am actually shocked CNN bothered to cover it, I saw some of it on Fox News and it looked pretty packed.


They'll shut up the minute a hero in uniform tells them to. Either out of awe or because it's hard to yell with cock in their mouths.


EDIT: Ah, I suppose this is all just a phase they need to go through. I'm retracting my words. I'm not in the business of pissing off people that will be in my camp in a few months.


When I see large percentages of college age kids showing up at these things (har dee har har) I'll believe it has long term implications. Not that I don't like seeing citizens finally fight back, but it's probably too late though I'm not giving up just yet.


Hey to all debunkers. What have YOU done to oppose? If you sit behind a computer and never went to a protest you need to not criticize what little our Patriotic citizens do their best to do.


I can assure you that I'm doing more than going to protests.



something is happening. I am not quite sure that I understand or see where it is going to be really honest. I have always been interested in politics (early in life i was a communist, now im libertarian leaning), and people used to just stay quiet or change the conversation whenever i talked politics.

Now, I have friends coming out of the wood work to ask me questions or wanting to toss ideas around etc. Its kinda been crazy. Many of them are in this 912 group, which im not sure i understand either. Its just interesting.


I saw a few interviews with veterans differing in ages, and they all seem to agree that they do not agree with the way the government is running our country.


I don't think it's too late, Obama has shown signs that he is willing to cave in. Joe Wilson's outburst had a productive outcome. I would not be flying the white flag just yet.


I think this could be a violent situation, you have a bunch of Old Fucks that have Their Medicare and do not want anything to threaten that, and these people are irrational. How do you deal with an irrational person?


If anyone thinks America hasn't woken up, we just got Chuck Norris on our side!



Here are pics from someone that was at the protest today.

Glenn Beck's 9/12 Project

I am going to detail everything the signs there call Obama and our current administration:

* Adolf Hitler
* Osama bin Laden
* Saddam Hussein
* Joseph Stalin
* King George III
* Satan
* The Anti-Christ
* Socialists
* Communists
* Marxists
* Fascists
* Nazis
* Tyrant
* Traitor
* Thief
* Liar
* Racist
* Puppet
* Scam Artist
* False messiah
* Pirate
* Proponent of eugenics
* Administration controlling MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN (aka, everything not Fox News)
* Un-American
* Kenyan
* Russian
* Muslim
* Jew
* Terrorist

I find it pretty impressive that one person can be Hitler, Stalin, Jewish, and Satan!

I also find it impressive that one man can be a traitorous Socialist, Communist, Marxist, Fascist, Nazi, tyrant pirate.

Perhaps the republican protesters should get their acts together and figure out exactly what they are mad about and protesting for.

This just makes it look like they were calling Obama everything except the "N" word.

Oh.....one more thing.....here is a pic of all the minorities that were at today's protests:


Because when Liberals where protesting Bush he was called none of those things/called names in general.

This isn't about the GOP or the Democrats. This is about American's vs. Progressives.

Edited for spelling*


Yes, because Hitler certainly wasn't a tyrant, or a racist, ect. There cannot be any overlap between any of these terms. Pete, again, you're an idiot.



When Bush was being protested, there was a unified message.

"End the war"

"Stop the bailout"

If you ask a teabagger why they are protesting, they cannot give you a solid reason.

Here's the list of Republican obsessions since President Obama took office:

that his birth certificate is supposedly fake
he uses a teleprompter too much
he bowed to a Saudi guy
Europeans like him
he gives inappropriate gifts
his wife shamelessly flaunts her upper arms
he shook hands with Hugo Chavez and slipped him the nuclear launch codes
he eats his hamburgers with Dijon mustard

These right white people were not protesting a few months ago when 99% of the current national debt was racked up.

This is about a black man in office. Plain and simple.


They are upset with big government. What part are you not getting?

The government for too long now has completely ignored the Constitution, but no more. This is what we stand for THE CONSTITUTION.


I guess I missed the part where Obama made the government too big.

The constitution trampling has been going on for 8 years...now they show up and call Obama names?

Obama has actually reversed Bush doctrines that were against the constitution. Dont give me that shit. This is about a black man in the oval office.


HAHAHAHHAHA, These people have been calling bush names too. This isn't just republicans, This is Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, and Real Democrats. This is America.

Obama has a national debt in one year this is almost equal to what bush did in 4.

The only one seeing race is you.


What do you call these protests with a single, unified message?