9/11 Where Were You?

What were you doing this morning six years ago?

Just waking up after a long 24hr shift at the station. I got a call from my dad to turn on the news and watched the towers come down and people fleeing down the street. I drove up to the station right after that and watched it with all of the other fireman on duty.

It pisses me off when I hear assholes say that we should just “get over it”.

Let’s never forget.

Sitting at work like I am now. I heard one guy say something happened at the towers, I thought he was crazy. He would say weird shit all the time and I paid little attention.

Then I went on break and saw the crowd in the break room watching the TV. I guess he wasn’t kidding.

Sitting in my first week of freshman classes in high schoool…homeroom to be exact…living in northern jersey, kids whose parents who were involved in the incident were called over the loudspeaker one by one…some leaving because one of there parents were in the building the time of the attacks, and never made it out…

classes were cancelled for the rest of the day and everyone just sat in their seats watchin the tvs or listening to radios in awe…pretty shocking day…going home that day seeing nothing but smoke and no twin towers was a shock to me after seeing them everyday my entire life…

I was in science lab at FSU. After class was over I walked out of the building and saw groups of people huddled together by radios. I thought something bad had happened locally…it wasn’t until I got in my car and turned on my radio that I realized what had happened.

Growing up in NY, it was an emotional day to say the least.

sitting in senior english class. not really knowing what was going on yet. watching one of the girls whos father was on one of the planes get called out.

I was at work in the lab, when one of the grad students ran in and said that there was an accident at the WTC, a plane hit one of the Towers.

At first, I didn’t know whether it was a small private plane or a commercial jet. But as I looked out the window into a crystal clear blue sky, I thought, “That’s no accident.”

One my way to my morning Cisco class listening to the radio. All the DJ knew at that time was a plane had flown into the WTC.

Later in lab all the tv’s in the school were on and everyone was packed into the conference room to watch everything unfold on the projector.

I also remember the gas insanity that night.

I was just pulling up to work at W.W. Grainger in IL. I heard it on the radio and thought it was a hoax. Got in to work and watched the TV in the breakroom basically all day. No work got done, I didn’t sleep for days. I would sit at home watching the coverage over and over.

My heart goes out to the families that were directly affected.

I was in law school, just starting my 3rd year classes. I had an early class in Crim Con Law, and I noticed a few of my friends were getting calls on their cell phones and leaving class, but didn’t know what was going on.

After class let out, we all went out in the hallway. The TVs were turned on to CNN, which was showing the footage. We were watching the footage and speculating about horrible accidents when the second plane hit the tower. After that, there was no more talk of accidents.

Calling my girlfriend and telling her her brother may be dead. Obviously not in those exact words

He’s a NYPD office and his beat was the World Trade Center. He was there that morning.

She was sleeping when I called. Not one of the best ways to wake up.

I had just gotten home from my 12hr night shift working at a State Jail here in Texas. I had sat down on the couch because I was so damn tired and turned on the TV. The second airplane crashed like seconds after I turned on the TV. I didn’t know what the hell was going on.

Walking to work across mid-town Manhattan. Stood at 5th and 42nd watching the towers burning for a few minutes before heading to my office a few blocks north. That was the beginning of a long day.


Driving to an appointment to pitch a potential new client. Pushed for time as always.

I had the cd changer on and couldn’t understand why some people were driving eratically and going way below the speed limit with glazed looks in their eyes. It was making me crazy.

Looking back it was due to their response to what they were hearing on the radio.

I got to the clients office and we spent about an hour in the breakroom watching it all unfold.

Strangely, one of my most distinct memories is walking my dogs at night and hearing the fighter planes overhead.

Sleeping…Jr. year of college up in Mass, woken up by my screaming foreign roommate who had no idea what was going on just that it was bad…

woke up and was glued to the TV in complete shock as the first tower fell, until my Mother called to tell me to get my ass back to Jersey as quick as possible as we couldn’t get in touch with either my brother or brother in law(both of whom work in Manhattan, my bro in law at the NYSE and for those not familiar with the geography of Manhattan, the NYSE is pretty much located at the WTC)…

The look of everyone on the road on the way south was exactly the same WTF expression. Hit the Tappan Zee bridge for the final leg and only seeing smoke over lower Manhattan was shocking to say the least.

On a side note I happened to watch “World Trade Center” the Oliver Stone/Nic Cage movie lastnite and it was very captivating, did a great job of displaying just how confusing the situation was at the towers for all the firemen/PD that were there to help before the collapse, check it out if you can.

In English class when a kid who went to the bathroom came running back with news that a plane had flown into one of the towers.

Junior year of high school 2nd period, watched the second plane fly in live on the news, and just sat scared, I live in the chicago suburbs, about a mile west of O’Hare, and not hearing any planes land or take of for a couple days is what really got to me.

Since I have seen friends go to the military and some come home in boxes, I hate it when people refuse to acknowledge what happened or say get over it. Sometimes I still think about everything that happened both then and since and just have a loss of words.

I was laying on my sofa, having just finished my second morning course of intavenous meds.Watching a Talk Show that was based live in New Yrok an they showed that the 1st tower had been struck an then while keeping the news on it it showed the second plane hit.

I watched the whole next week whatever I could…just to hear/learn all possibilities ppl were talking about.

I woke up to my clock radio telling me. I immediately turned on the TV and woke up everyone in the house. I turned it on and almost instantly saw the 2nd plane hit.

Working in a large factory - one of the guys said a plane had hit the world trade centre. It was accidental. Then another plane. Confusion ensued - the rest was pretty tragic. RIP to those involved.