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9/11, Whats Your Opinion?


Who thinks it was Arabs?

Who thinks it was the American Government?

In my opinion it's kind of naive to think it was Arabs.

I'm not dressing down the tragedy whatsoever, it was an horrendous act and no one needed to die

and condolences go out to every who knew some one who died there.

Also since 'The war on terror' the number of dead Iragi's due to the war is claimed to range

from 100,000 to 1,000,000.

Are these deaths justified?

Is the death of 1 American worth the death of 30 - 300 Iraqi deaths?

I don't think it is justified whatsoever.

What about u?

And these numbers don't take into account the death of Afghans.


Eye opening


All i know is that everything went to hell.



We really need this thread on this day?


^^ well it was the date that kinda triggered the thread...


Show some respect, please.

The search bar will lead you to about a hundred threads where this has been covered ad nauseum.


Quite litterally.


I swear to god if you are starting this thread for some 9/11 conspiracy bullshit, I will hunt you down and rip your fucking face off and feed it to you.


Terrorists did it. /Thread



I will equalize you!


Arabs led by an Egyptian.

They also don't take into account the fact that even the UN admits more than 90% of those killed in Iraq are killed by insurgents not coalition forces. My advice to you son; go directly to Cairo. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Do not come back.


^^ I live in Cairo..... son


Yup, it sucked. Bottom line the terrorists won because we all live in fear now. I used to love to fly, now I hate it. It would really be easier if everybody carried a gun instead of nobody.


Hmmm, I thought you were a pussy, what gives?


All I ask is that everybody takes a moment today to pause, think, and remember.


If everyone does not mind, and it's not too touchy a subject, I would like to know where all of you were when this all happened on 9-11 ?

I was still sleeping (it was hella early on the West Coast at the moment).


I was at work on an Air Force base in Ohio. Someone had Rush Limbaugh on an old silver 1980s beatbox style radio. Usually that was just background noise, but I noticed people gathered around the radio and then my friend told me to get my ass over there. I joined up after the first tower had fallen, and listened to coverage of the second one come down. We all were just standing there in silence staring at the radio like it was the 1940s. It was still a good half hour before the base went to threatcon Delta, so some people headed home. The rest of us got locked down for the rest of the day. That day the fighters were given free reign to go supersonic if they needed to intercept a threat, and some poor idiot in a cessna didn't clear airspace and got an aggressive reminder to do what he was told with a sonic boom punctuation.


I was at home in the uk on may home from school as it happened. On the way to my Judo class, it was a tuesday if i recall correctly.


I was in college at the time (still). It was still early for me, 8:30 or 9:00 and I was at home, asleep, when my phone rang. I picked up the phone, still groggy, and had to pause for a minute to assess whether I'd heard my good friend right or not when he said (these are close to if not his exact words), "Someone has flown planes into the World Trade Center, The Pentagon and the White House. America is under attack!" Thank God he was wrong, at least, about that last one.

I quickly got dressed and headed to my girlfriend's house to watch the coverage on TV. Slowly that day, more and more people came to her house, until there were more than 10 of us there. I remember most distinctly going crazy not KNOWING what, exactly, was happening. Who had done this and why? WHY?


9-11 was the event, by the way, that turned me from a vaguely opinionated but mostly apathetic art-house college kid, to a more steel nerved, suspicious, political minded adult.