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9/11 Loose Change Video


(the link right above the picture)

I'll just throw this out there since I just saw it today and it somewhat opened my eyes, maybe some of you have seen it already-I'm not sure how old it is. It's basically their insight on who was really responsible for the 9/11 attacks. The video is 80 minutes long.




I'm absolutely stunned, saddened, amazed, and disgusted ever time one of you douche-bags miraculously stumbles across a retarded conspiracy-theory website almost FIVE FUCKING YEARS after 9/11. Websites like loosechange went up on 9/12.

Spend two minutes googling this shit and understand that you are a dumbass.


1) The Popular Mechanics article doesn't answer many questions, and is deceptive in and of itself. Why did the modify that picture of the plane, or not show any other visual evidence that shows something on the bottom?

2) There are many unanswered questions about 9/11. Government supporters immediately ridicule anyone who says that, but it's nonetheless true.

Ex: Why did NASA's thermal survey show temperatures of up to 1300F 5 days after 9/11? Yes, there were fires, but none that were even half that hot -- if you believe the government's theory, that is. The steel in the basements melted. Why?

Or what caused all that material to be thrown out during the collapse? Look at pictures of it. You have debris being thrown waaaay the fuck out. Why? If the building just collapsed from fires, it would go down. Some force has to exist to cause that much dust to get thrown so far out.

etc., etc. I could go on.

I've been looking in to this stuff for about 6 months now, and I've done my best to be level headed about it. And yeah, I've been subject to much ridicule. Hell who knows, maybe it's justified. But I've found some weird stuff.


Dude that is some scary shit. I still don't believe any of it but damn it sounds so real.


Don't worry, even if it was real it was for a worthy reconstruction effort.



The fact is that some building materials burn very hot and the temps are withing reasonable range. Claiming otherwise is a lie.

The air being displaced each time a floor collapsed caused the puffs of material out the sides of the building.

This is simple straighforward stuff.

Don't buy into the bullshit.

Popular Mechanics dispelled like 20 of the stupid myths and at least 20 more popped up.


The fires didn't burn that hot, though. Look at the smoke. Black, which indicates oxygen-poor fires.

And that says absolutely nothing about the melted steel in the basement. Do you think that fires 80 stories up could cause that?

Or the fact that 1400 degree heat signatures were showing up 5 days after 9/11 on NASA's satellites.

It was thrown out twice the radius of the WTC itself. For that to happen there has to be another force besides downward air pressure.

Another interesting thing is that all the computers and office equpment were turned into micron-sized particles. In other words, dust. Collapses in and of themselves don't do that.

Not really. And they had to Photoshop stuff to get it to fit their explanations. Not very honest of them.


One minute Googling to know your a dumbass...


The hot parts fell down. That is how it ended in the basement. The hot temps are localized, not universal. Parts cn smoulder while others are blazing away.

The air being displaced each time a floor collapsed caused the puffs of material out the sides of the building.
It was thrown out twice the radius of the WTC itself. For that to happen there has to be another force besides downward air pressure.



Incorrect. The volume fo air will displace out very far. Do a simple calculation. When you take the volume of air measured in cubic meters and flatten it out it will extend way out. past the original dimensions.

Your points are so silly it is ludicrous to discuss with you further.






Just watched this twice today....very interesting....especially as a professional Firefighter.


I'll just say this about 9/11:

I know a FDNY guy who was very close to the first tower when it came down. He said he heard "explosions" right before it came down. He personally believes, and so do others in his firehouse who were near him and who heard the same thing, that there were explosives in the first tower.


Explosion? That probably didnt have anything to do with the 100s of tons of debris that were falling inside the building before the actual tower itself fell...or the supports breaking...or even the electronics etc that probably did explode due to crap that was occuring inside the building. I know about 20 people who were there that day...not a single one of them beleives in this conspiracy bullshit.


That "Loose Change" video is somewhat silly. They try to point out all the terroism-related things about the WTC in the time before 9/11 as if to try and show that someone knew that 9/11 was going to happen. For example, the part about the insurance coverage being purchased for the WTC that covered terrorism. People forget that Islamic terrorists tried (unsuccessfully) to bomb the WTC in 1993.

Speaking of bombing the WTC, let's suppose the gov't did really want to destroy the WTC. Much of that video focues on the theory that the building was brought down by a controlled demolition. Forgetting the numerous physical flaws with that argument (and the lack of a plausible motive), let's run with it for a moment.

If the building was ultimately brought down by a controlled series of demolitions rather than a 100 ton plane slamming into the building at +400 mph, why concoct an elaborate scheme with planes flying into it? Why not just use miltary explosive specialists to put shaped charges on the building and blow it up that way and then blame it on terrorists?

I once saw an episode of Scooby Doo in which Shaggy and Scooby were trapped in a jail. The key to the cell was a few feet away hanging on a peg. The guard, of course, was asleep. Shaggy managed to squeeze himself through the bars and carefully and quietly slinked across the room and grabbed the key. He then squeezed back into the cell, reached through the bars, and unlocked the door. The joke of it is that he could have just unlocked the door from the outside; why sneak back into the cell only to reach around and unlock it?

The theory that the WTC was brought down by a controlled demolition is a bit like that Scooby Doo episode. If you are just going to blow the building up anyway, why go through all the trouble--an extremely elborate scheme--of creating the impression that it was destroyed by terrorists flying planes? Why not just blow the building up yourself and blame it on 19 guys from Saudi Arabia? That way you can cut-out all that plane bullshit in the middle and have the exact same result. By the way, the bombing theory wouldn't be such a tall-tale, given that terrorists tried the very same thing in 1993.

Unfortunately, 9/11 was so unprecedented in its nature that many people are simply in disbelief about how it happened. Because the things that took place on 9/11 really push the envelope of what we were willing to accept as possible before that day it is ripe for skepticism and disbelief.


Maddox says you're dumb.



Nice post, eic. Anybody who can tie-in Scooby Doo with 9/11 deserves some props.


I am a nyc fireman..... was there on the 11th..... My mind is blown away by this video..... I don't know what to write.

Makes ya think.... and it saddens me.... what if this is true.


C-Span: 9/11 American Scholars Symposium
To re-air Tuesday Aug 1 at 6:10PM EST, 5:10 CST.

Might want to check it out.