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9/11 Is Not Earth Day!




So how exactly would you like it to be remembered?

They don't still celebrate Pearl Harbor Day. All things pass. Time goes on. Get the fuck over it.


I'm with you Irish. Shit happens. I'm tired of people telling me how to feel about today. My first though when people bring it up is "what are you selling"? (in a political sense)


Exactly. I'm tired of all the bullshit. It happened. People died. But it's been nearly a decade (fuck I'm getting old). Let's move on.


Next comes the conservative switch....I'll be laughing when it happens!


But people aren't being "inspired" by our current administration to go and do the type of things being done today on other days of tragedy in US history. Pearl Harbor is remembered and reflected upon (the same with D-day).

What would be so wrong with today being a day of rememberence for ALL the lives lost due to the events that happened that day. I'm not advocating a holiday, we have enough already.


It's attitudes like this that pave the way for a repeat. It's not just the people that died. The United States was effectively attacked in modern times on her own soil. You go ahead and move on just like the murderous beasts hell bent on our destruction are counting on.


First of all, it's not the administration's job to "inspire" anyone. And second, no administration in the last 10 years has been particularly "inspiring" for me, so I don't know where you're going with that.

You're fucking fooling yourself if you think more than a quarter of the population could tell you when Pearl Harbor day is, and if more than 10 percent of the population knows when and what year D-Day happened. Do we live in the same country?

I'm just saying I grow tired of this. Just like a person mourning the death of someone close, living in that person's shadow will keep them from moving forward. There's a difference between respectfully remembering and wallowing. (Not that anyone here wasn't simply remembering, but I'm just saying.)


This is what grown ups do. As I said before- people don't even remember Pearl Harbor anymore. No one knows what day VE Day is, and they were absolutely as important as 9.11... and really, they were only 60 years ago. Not that long of a time.

People won't forget 9.11 for a long time, and honestly, having the day it happened in the title helps it out. But no one will forget what happened, not from my generation at least. The identical ceremonies every year that wallow for a day in misery do not help anyone... and the fact that the tract of land STILL stands empty is disgusting to me.

Make it a park, rebuild it, whatever... but don't let it just sit there.


Don't participate. St. Patrick's Day isn't my thing, really. But, they still have it anyways.


There aren't many people still alive that were around to remember the attack on Pearl Harbor, but if you can find one ask them if they still remember it. I guarantee they will. Besides those effected by Pearl Harbor have some closure in the fact that we destroyed Japan in WW2. In case you forgot a lot of our men and women are dying in 2 wars still being waged arguably because of the attack on 9/11. This will be a sore subject for our generation forever. I know I'll always remember where I was when I heard the news we were being attacked. How's that saying going if you forget history you are doomed to repeat it or something along those lines. Maybe we should remember this as a lesson. Hell we celebrate all kinds of crap like St. Patty's day there's nothing wrong with remember what America and Americans lost on 9/11.


I'm just saying I grow tired of this. Just like a person mourning the death of someone close, living in that person's shadow will keep them from moving forward. There's a difference between respectfully remembering and wallowing. (Not that anyone here wasn't simply remembering, but I'm just saying.)[/quote]

I guess I'm a little different A LOT of my family is former military with one that served in WWII still alive, and one currently serving in Iraq/Afghanistan. So certain military days of rememberence do ring true with me. Also I was only 9 months into my new career of being a firefighter. So there is no wallowing here (not saying you accused me of it) but unfortunately for some they are having a much more difficult time.


I really don't get why we don't rebuild the towers. That seems like the best FUCK YOU to the terrorists.... we're Americans. When you knock our shit down, we rebuild it... only bigger and more penis like!


They should build one huge,tall building flanked by two small ones on each side.


If you're talking about how it's remembered then OK. I don't care either. I also would never advocate wallowing in the sorrow. You made it sound pretty trivial though. "It happened, people died, move on".

The anger and resolve the country had up through the 04 elections is fading, especially in DC and that is a recipe for a repeat.

I couldn't agree more about rebuilding the site. It's a pathetic anti-monument to modern America that it sits empty. Your pal Glen Beck was talking about how it took 400 days to build the then tallest building in the world, the empire state, in the late 1930's when all that was at stake was a capitalist dream. Now we can't even cut through our own bureaucracy to rebuild the WTC site in 8 years. It is truly symbolic.


Fox's excellent 911 special report:


Lemme know if it doesn't stream smoothly. I'm still experimenting with my TV captures for the web.


In places like Israel, when something gets bombed, they build it right back as if nothing happened. And I agree that it is the best FUCK YOU to the terrorists.


they should start sending back confiscated afghani weapons and shells, then mold them down into a giant hand and middle finger and put it on the roof.


Yes, let's remember the day when a planeful from "the home of the brave" got overrun by a half dozen guys with box cutters twice over.



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