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9/11 is NOT a Conspiracy!


P.S. it really was an american conspiracy..


For fuck sake.


Oh yeah, The Onion went there.


Alright! lets make this a conspiracy thread.

George Walker bush's cousen is head of security in one of the towers, him and entire security staff evacuated several hours before.

there was a streak in the ground at the pentagon that was there 3 days before 9/11, but they said it was the plane that did it.

never in the history of planes has a black box been lost or destroyed but all in 1 day except 1 which has several minutes of tape missing.

paramedics, firemen, and police were warning people not to enter building, because they had discovered undetinated explosive devices.

gasoling does not burn hot enough for entire planes to evaporate except for for engines, and a few spares scraps. better yet do ya think if gasoline could do that it'd leave just the engine nearly intact?

explosive teams, were inside the towers in the previous days.
and heres some help deciding what the crew was doing.


anyone got anything they'd like to add?


Oh yea Bush is secretly a genius conspirator at heart and him on tv is just his ploy to throw everyone off about how smart he really is...........right.


I heard on a hip-hop station in Alabama that George Bush had weather machines that caused katrina.. Can anyone confirm this?


who gives a fuck anymore..bush is an idiot regardless...an the U.S government is a joke period...especially here in california...it happen get over it..i lost family members over seas all because people are ridiculously stupid in this country...if anything we shoulda just bombed them fuckin hodgies in the first place..oil..i mean money makes the world go round

i blame everyone who voted for bush in 2000 for the past 8 years..Gore wouldve done alot better..but still like i said the U.S government is fucked


Well, for starters, jets don't run on gasoline. Moreover, jet engine turbines are grown from a single crystal so that they can withstand temperature well in excess of what would normally melt alloys. Jet engines have to withstand higher heats than the rest of the plane since the inside of a jet engine is HOT. Really HOT.


If i remember correctly from my non-existant jet engine building class that jets run on jet fuel, not gasoline : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jet_fuel

hence the name 'jet fuel'


srry for the miss wording, jet fuel still could not have caused the black boxes to disintegrate, they are made to withstand that.

disproving one fact does not disprove all others- Ricardo Yanez Jr.


ok ya got it wrong again, see the building didn't collapse on the black box, the black boxes, were above the collapsing concrete, even if damaged (not disintegrated, thats just not possible) , there would have been black boxes dicovered at the site.

And explain how the black box at the pentagon, no major collapse, managed to just poof, disappear.


There were a number of floors above the jets. About 200,000,000 lbs worth of metal and glass - or somewhere thereabout. I guess that's not alot material or force to you, but it's certainly more than any little black box was meant to withstand.


This new guy is interesting. Im waiting for him to post up loose change.


That film was a steaming pile.

Well, in case he decides to do that, I'll strike preemptively by posting a link to a nice little website that does a good job of debunking pretty much every single statement in that film:



Do you actually ever leave your Mom's basement?


fine, o.k., i don't buy that, but let's say that is true, explain the black box in the pentagon plane being destroyed, or even the missing minutes of the only black box that was not "destroyed".

and the only place that buildings collapse like that cause of a plane is in movies.

and like I said a few posts ago, disproving one fact, which in my eyes you haven't, does not disprove all others.

and saying that terrorists did this, which I think they did, we just paved the way, it isn't suspect that there was a bomb squad days before? Or how about the ex-presidents cousin and his crew being evacuated prior to the actual event, that doesn't reek of pre-meditation.

and loose change is a bunch of propaganda, documents have been altered, created and destroyed, before records can be sealed. those conspiracy theorist say things that are nuts. of course you put the biggest wack job at the forefront of any blatantly obvious conspiracy, he's the easiest to disprove.


yep, everything he says is true.


Maybe it wasn't destroyed. Or do you think them actually recovering the box and saying it was destroyed is a bigger stretch then them planning the entire thing?

What other buildings have been hit by planes that size?


you realize that the freemasons are a real organization right?
they are actually listed, membership is difficult to gain.

but other then that yep, I'm an idiot, I've been taken in by conspiracy "distractions"...

see maybe what I say is off the wall, but if ya wanna make me out to be an idiot, you should try and sound like you yourself have half a brain.

P.S. I am impressed by your use of a big word though, keep it up! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: