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9/11: Is A New Investigation Necessary?


Would you be in favor of a new investigation of 9/11 and before anybody says that it would be insensitive to the families, know that the majority of family members support and want a new investigation. A few reasons for a new investigation:

1.Not one person has ever been held responsible for the countless errors that were made that day.

2.Despite the fact that 9/11 is arguably America's greatest catastrophe it took around 14 months (compared to the two weeks that it took to investigate JFK's assassination and Pearl Harbor) to get an investigation started and when it did commence, over 70% of family member's questions were not answered.

3.The countless omissions of the official 9/11 commission report such as WTC 7, Larry Silverstein's message to "pull it", the fact that all the steel from the WTC buildings were quickly shipped over seas before they could be looked at etc.

4.The fact that every witness to the Pentagon Attack has now contradicted the path that the plane took to hit the building ( http://www.news-n-views.com/asp/articlenews.asp?place=0659587&issue_date=8/30/2009&edent=2167894&art_id=2560 )

5.Eventhough the plane that hit the pentagon took place nearly TWO HOURS after the first reported plane hijacking it was not shot down and not one person has been punished for this.

6.All the reports of Secondary Explosions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8n-nT-luFIw

7.WTC 7 fell despite not being hit by a plane, despite the fact that many more buildings were much closer to the Towers and despite the fact that only 3 floors were reported to have be on fire. Also watch Barry Jennings interview who was actually in WTC 7 and reports hearing explosions, he is now dead:

8.Most people will agree that questioning the government is patriotic and your duty as a citizen, yet every major news network demonizes anybody that doesn't believe the official story and instead of having a debate on the actual facts that they bring forward, they just ridicule and call them names. Why is it so crazy to question the official story when most people will concede that it does have many omissions and inconsistencies?

9.9/11 has effectively shaped today's society and world, with the ongoing wars, warrantless wire tapping, intense security at airports and the no fly list and while this should outrage people they just choose to ignore it or forget about it all together.

10.The 9/11 commission was a complete joke (Bush and Cheney refused to testify under oath) and the entire operation was severely underfunded, you'd think that the deaths of 3000 Americans and the upcoming wars would warrant 100s of millions of dollars of research, but the commission only received around 5 million dollars and now the two Co-Chairs (Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton) have said "It is a national scandal. This investigation is now compromised. One of these days we will have to get the full story because the 9/11 issue is so important to America. But this White House wants to cover it up?".

Whatever your views are, I think that it is important to have another investigation and if you are opposed to this and you post in this thread, I will take it as you believe the official story completely which we now know is false on many fronts. Either way I don't think 5 million dollars is nearly enough money to investigate this tragedy and there should be a new investigation with more money allocated and better research looking into ALL the issues done.


Anyone that saw the towers go down and tries to say that their gut reaction was NOT "that looked like a controlled demolition" either has never watched a controlled demolition or is full of shit.


Didn't look like it to me.


Or maybe they studied how buildings go together and come apart. Or even went to High School.

Crazy stuff.


If you found out 9/11 was coordinated by the government, how would this change your life personally?

My answer--"I wouldn't trust the government. Maybe start a fight club. Move to New Zealand." -- Isnt worth the hundreds, maybe thousands of hours of personally investigating this shit.

Plus. Those are my thoughts already.


Crazy indeed. If only you had a chance to attend. But ignorance is bliss. A grown man using picachu or whatever as his avatar. lol. How old are you? Or perhaps you new zelanders ate too many sheep brains and finally reached that echelon of intelligence?

Seriously you NEVER studied how building come apart. You;re a fraud and a con. Bow out the say good night.

See i insulted you with no profanity, in case it went over your head.


Thats a good point. In reality what can you do? Really nothing more then try to spread the word and get shut down by the very people you're trying to enlighten.

So i decided to plant seeds wherever i go. Sure 90% will reject but there will always be the silent minority that will start to think. Over time i builds on itself and awareness grows.


Perhaps you forget that I work with structural engineers on an almost daily basis. Perhaps you forget that I am in the same profession as the moron you posted.

Perhaps you don't realize I don't really care whether or not you choose to swear at me when you fail at insulting me, fuckwit.


  1. Janitors work with doctors too. They empty their trash. What's your point?

  2. In every profession, even doctors, there is the top of the class and the bottom of the class. I know where you fit.

  3. If you really didn't care you would not have posted. Your defense mechanism betrays you.


You fail so hard at trolling that even Mick28 could outshine you here.

Next time, try not to post links to a person who hasn't the slightest idea about structural steel failure.


I'll say this for the millioneth time...

"Truth" will only come out with time and History, not spending millions on some Commission and/or new investigation.

The Warren Commission's "official" explanations on the Kennedy Assasination simply made things worse; and that guy who was hired some years later...that the Government spent millions with to "validate" the Warren Commission's findings... was treated as a joke.


Do you think that a Government; or people; or groups of people evil and insidious enough to pull this off is going to allow "the truth" to be found out anytime in the near future?


So if you want "truth"; you are simply going to have to give it time. A new "investigation" is simply going to muddy the water even more. That fact has already been proven.



I found this hilarious two years ago, I find it hilarious now.



  1. Who?
  2. That's why i don't link you or reference you.


That's true, but by then anyone who is anyone will be long dead and it will not matter. Also it means someone will have gotten away with it.

Look what they did with the lusitania to get us into WW1.


No, you choose not to because you're sources are suspect. If you want to debate, pick points that haven't been proven wrong time after time since they first popped up years ago.


Dunno sheep brains, i just don't know.


Can't remember the last I've heard that ouside of a religious discussion. The whole sheep/sheeple thing.


At least get the stereotype correct, we don't eat sheep, we have sexual relations with them.

How you can fail on so many levels is astounding, and basically what keeps me coming back to this thread.


Guys I just realized it's all true! The Government was able to place 100 pounds of thermite on the steel columns of WTC 7 without anyone discovering it!


It has nothing to do with no firefighting, office supplies acting as fuel and a lack of water! The sulphur was from THERMITE not the gypsum wall lining! Never mind the fact that a blast with thermite to take out the structure would have to be 130 - 140 decibels at half a mile, it's clearly a conspiracy!