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9/11 First Responder Workout


I’m planning on doing my own tribute workout to honor all 411 first responders that were killed on 9/11/2001. Similar to the 365 workout that a few of us have done on New Years, I’ll pick two exercises and complete 411 total reps. One rep for each:

343 Firefighters
37 Port Authority officers
23 NYPD officers
8 EMTs and Medics from private EMS

My plan is to superset trap bar deadlifts with pullups and complete the workout in 25 sets. 10 deadlifts and 6 pullups per set. The bar will be loaded with my bodyweight (200) and pullups will be body weight.

It won’t be easy. It shouldn’t be. Does anyone else want to join me?


For be it from me to lay out a challenge without accepting one. I’m down. Will figure out the details later.


255 DLs, 156 pullups, in 1:14:25. Total volume 82,200 in just over an hour.

This was really difficult to do by myself without anyone pushing me. Definitely as much of a mental challenge as a physical one. I’m glad I did it though.


Thank you for remembering the brave men and women who died that day trying to to help others. Several of us had already planned a tribute, but, due to limited equipment here, we first did the “Murph” from Crossfit and then after a 30 minute break, we did the Spartan 300 workout for time. There was a good cross section of SF, Federal LEO, Firefighers, Medics, and contract security personnel. About 40 of us total. Good time by all.


The pampered, pussified, professional athletes honored those fallen by sitting down and still getting paid millions for playing a child’s game. Not honoring those who died on 9/11. Pure Filth.