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8x8 for Lactic Acid Accumulation?

Would Gironda’s 8x8 be a good protocol to use for lactic acid accumulation? Or is there a better way?

In my opinion, eight repetitions is not sufficient to induce much lactic acid.

Reps have nothing to do with it… or not everything

If you do 8 reps with a 5 sec eccentric and 2 sec concentric you will be under tension for 60 sec or so, which is at the top of the lactate zone (40-70 sec under load).

You could do 15 reps with a 1 sec eccentric and 1 sec concentric and not be in the lactate zone (30 sec under load).

Similarily if you rest interval is really short between sets (like in Gironda’s 8x8 which uses 15-30 sec) you will accumulate lactic acid by set no.2 or 3 even with a normal tempo.


Thank you
I didn’t go with emphasizing the eccentric because we weren’t looking at mTor- My first mistake- My second was not knowing the short rest periods in Gironda’s program.