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8x8, Any Comments?

Ok…so I had a nose through and couldn’t really find to much on the 8 x 8 malarky, this is what I came up with, constructive advice (or call me a nob if you like)

Day 1

Incline DB Press 8x8
Flat BB Bench Press 8x8
Dips 8x8

Military Press 8x8
Lateral Raises 8x8
Shrugs 8x8

Day 2

Lat Pull Down 8x8
Seated Row 8x8
Upright Row 8x8

E-Z Barl Curl 8x8
Concentration Curl (DB) 8x8
Drag Curl 8x8

Day 3

Squat 8x8
Seated Leg Press 8x8
Hack Squat 8x8

Old School Reverse Extensions 8x8
Push Downs 8x8
Close Grip BB Press 8x8

Day 4


Is this to much?
How often per week?
Any ideas?

its 64. which makes sense

but why are you doing triceps and legs? if it works for you go for it.

youd also want to do your close grip first

not sure how youre gonna manage to do 8x8 of squats followed by 8x8 of leg press and then 8x8 of hack squats.

are you using 1 weight for each exercise or are you adjusting?

if youre adjusting it seems like itd be a lot of volume and stress, pushing yourself to failure for 8 sets? really?

if youre using a stagnent weight it seems dumb to be shortchanging yourself on the first 4 or so sets where it wont even be a challenge.

try it out and see how you like it i guess

Is this supposed to be 8x8 like Vince Gironda did it?

thats 24 sets a bodypart?
unless your getting some chemical assistance then you will burn out fast

48 set each workout, I think that’s a little much if you’re not “on”


[quote]Loopylad wrote:
Ok…so I had a nose through and couldn’t really find to much on the 8 x 8 malarky, this is what I came up with, constructive advice (or call me a nob if you like)[/quote]

Should’ve nosed around a bit more, 'ya nob. :wink:

In his book, The Wild Physique, Gironda described 8x8 as “… not for beginners… I doubt if anyone with less than two years training experience could benefit from this method.”

Now, the truth:advertising hype ratio of that is questionable, but it is a seriously intense workout if it’s done as he intended.

A student of Vince’s explains it here: www.vincesgym.com/pages/faq_01.htm

“The 8x8 method of training involves picking one exercise per bodypart, and by using the same weight for every set completing 8 sets of 8 reps with minimal rest between sets”

As you have it laid out above… hells yes that would be too much.

Try starting with three non-consecutive days per week, and tweak it as needed. Supposedly, this style lends itself to multiple sessions per day for more advanced trainees.

I’ve generally found 8x8 to function best as a fat loss routine, rather than a muscle-building program as it was originally designed. By using the same weight for all sets (like you’re supposed to) and being strict with the rest periods (like you’re supposed to), it can thoroughly kick your ass and burn a ton of calories.

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I could see doing 8x8 on your bigger compound lifts. But something to consider is how it will affect your joints if you do everything 8x8. For example is your back/bi day. That is a LOT of pulling on the elbow joint.

I think you’d tend to have some negative effects after a short while. Nothing wrong with 8x8 or 6x6 or 5x5 or whatever your ready to hit hard. But smaller muscles don’t need to get hammered as much as bigger ones. Joint health and recovery is a part of the whole equation as well as what methods we use.

Just some thoughts :slight_smile:

Not only is it 48 sets per workout, but it’s 48 sets each day three days in a row.

And if the only off day is the 4th day that you specify, then this is 144 sets per 4 days, which averages to 252 sets per week.

That is WAY much.

On the juice, 120 or so sets per week is a lot though not necessarily too much (it’s about what I do and many have done well with.) Without the juice, I’d recommend limiting to about 72 sets per week.

So, hmm, this is only about 3 times more work than you probably should be doing if you’re unjuiced.

If you’re using androgens in good doses, and if you modified this so the three workouts were spread over a week instead of 4 days, then it could be reasonable.

Pretty much explains it. It is an accumulating density program, remember, which means if you can’t put the weight up the next program, you reduce your rest periods in between each set.

I notice now that that quote says “one exercise per bodypart,” while this posted program attempting to follow the plan uses as much as three exercises per bodypart.

Perhaps this explains why it winds up being triple the volume it ought to be.


The program you have has a similar volume and frequency to the one Vince Gironda used to prepare Mohamed Makkawy for the Mr. Olympia: in short, it is too much, too often.

I agree with Chris’ suggestion that you train each bodypart only once a week, so you would take a day off between each workout, and two days of rest after leg day.

Also, here is an article about 8 x 8 that may be of help:


Thanks for the article link.

Reading the article, with the rest intervals that short, the total duration that short, and the weights reduced that much, then I don’t think my above comments apply.

In essence, each 8 sets varies from what 8 is normally meant by that many sets. In a sense it is more, in terms of demand, like doing say two or maybe three 20 rep sets in the same 4 or 5 minute or so time frame.

So while total sets is usually a good rule-of-thumb for evaluating volume, sometimes there are exceptions and this looks like one of them now that I have gotten these details.

However, that said, if you aren’t already adapted to pretty high volume (in terms of what most people think today) then this is unlikely to be appropriate.

It should be kept in mind that Vince was working with guys who were used to training amounts far beyond what 95% of serious lifters use these days. Someone who is used to doing 36 sets per week or what have you would I think in no way be prepared for a program like this.


I remember Gironda saying that the volume is offset by the shorter rest intervals & lighter weights combined with relatively brief workouts, so overtraining is less likely.

But, as you say, it is a very demanding program.

I’m sure Gironda had an abbreviated 8 x 8 workout (that’s where the “one exercise per bodypart” quote is from): I thought it was in CT’s ‘The Gironda System’ article, but I can’t find it.

I think it was referred to as ‘The Honest Workout’. If I do manage to find it, I’ll post it here…

i’m really glad i posted this because having the feedback makes so much more sense, i’ve been following my said program for the last two weeks, i get a great pump, but at the same time feel absolutely fucked thereafter…i just want to find the right balance.

How much is to much? and any suggestions to the correct 8x8?

I thank you in advance

Purely as guesswork, one might personalize this by looking at the most volume – total sets per week – one has been able to maintain for a number of weeks at a time in the past, where these sets were being fairly typically done –

referring only to real work sets, not easily-performed working-up sets – and then figuring perhaps being able to do this program with twice as many total sets per week under this protocol.

The number of exercises per bodypart would be adjusted to match that individual degree of estimated preparedness for high volume work.

That is guesswork.

I do expect that the guys Gironda was working with were quite used to doing for example 126 or more sets per week under ordinary protocols, so 252 (on average) under this program, I can see them being prepared for.

But not everyone today, by any means, is adapted to doing for example 126 sets (under ordinary protocols) per week or anything like it. And so 6 exercises per workout of 8 sets each, performed three days out of every 4, I would guess to be much too much for most.

chris, thank you so much for the post

roybot…looking forward to the link if you manage to find it

it seems like alot of sets in each workout, I’ve tried something like this before and halfway through my workout i was exhausted. I was using pretty damn heavy weight also for 8x8 and thats me being on also.

The Honest Workout is in the link your provided in your fist post in this thread.

So, would this be better?

Day 1

Incline DB Press 8x8
Military Press 8x8

Day 2

Seated Row 8x8
E-Z Barl Curl 8x8

Day 3

Squat 8x8
Close Grip BB Press 8x8

Day 4


Why don’t you just scrap the idea of 8x8 and do a reasonable program like ws4sb?