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8th? Cycle (Primarily Strength Oriented)

About to do my 8th or 9th cycle (have lost count at this point). Some backrgound info: 39yo, 5’11" 252, former powerlifter, now compete in grappling tournaments and would like to do some more MMA training. 3.5 months ago I tore the quadriceps tendon in my right knee. Had surgery and have gone through rehab and am now beginning to incorporate light squats back into my routine (I’ve maintained most of my upper body strength and mass during my rehab).

need to keep doing therapy for at least 2 more months and would like to start light grappling next month. My goals are primarily to put on 5 to 10 lean pounds and increase overall strength while I get back to grappling.

Proposed cycle:

Test Enanthate - wks 1-10, 250mg eod

D-bol - wks 1-4, 50mg ed

Tren Ace - wks 1-6, 50mg ed

adex - wks 1-12, .5 mg eod

hcg - wks 3-10, 250ius e3d

nolva - wks 11-14, 40/40/20/20

I also have Mast on hand. Thanks in advance for any feedback!

More tren than test, always.

And if your running ace I would run prop in the beginning