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$8B Abortionplex


You know you're pushing 'secular morals' when The Onion is making fun of you.


Contrasting point of cherishing life.


If the Onion writes a story about a little boys whorehouse for catholic priests, would that be making fun of pushing "religious morals"?


I see that you do not understand Catholicism too well.

By officially establishing such brothels it would lose the thrill of the forbidden and all that sexual repression would go to waste.

We are talking about a 2000 year old social experiment here to spice up peoples sex lifes and you just want to run roughshod over that?

Shame on you.

Well, you are Dutch, maybe that explains it.


No, that would be making fun of hypocrites. Read what I said, I didn't say PP was pushing 'secular morals' as if they were pushing them on us, I was saying they were crossing the 'secular morals' of The Onion. :wink: