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880 Deadlift @ 20 Yrs Old



That is cool, but this beats it.


I don't know, looks like he's rounding his back too much. He could hurt himself like that....


I love when people critique the form of a guy who pulls well into the mid 900's...

That's just his style man, he's always done it that way.


I wish dude's like that posted on T-Nation....


Last lift would not be good in a meet but WTF alot of weight.He definately is strong


he's rounding his UPPER back


So is it ok to round your upper back when doing a heavy pull?




It's called a joke. Rounding or no rounding, that's impressive.


Wildauer is a future strongman star, he was killing it here in Finland. He got thrird in a comp few weeks ago.


there is so much stupid people there... Sorry didnt see you were sarcastic.


What the hell, double overhand grip as well wow XD.

Dont think i can catch up in two years haha.


Ummmm did you miss those big dangly bits of black cloth hanging off his wrists?


I guess this is what happens when you grow up with that room in your basement? Lets hope he doesn't have a "dungeon" mentality towards life!

I bet his dad had him doing deadlifts since he could walk.


He used to post here occasionally. I liked his log below. I remember stallion did a pretty good youtube interview with him. Seems like a good guy.






Your upper back will always round slightly when you go truly all out. As long as you don't round it too much you should be ok.


Thanks for the advice, just went down to the garage and tried a few deadifts and I think I've finally got the right technique


Watching those 2 videos just made me want to deadlift so much