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85 YO Woman Benches World Record

55 lbs.

This is breaking news?

just gonna get bulky.

gotta love the 2 spotters, lol

Crap, she can bench more than me.

Belly benching, she’s cheating. She was also using an open back shirt.

Cool link bro.

what would we do without CNN?

Didn’t hear a Rack command…hahahahaha OH man 85 I love the idea she still goes to the gym forget the press she TRAINS Kick azz lady.

Good for her. Who cares if it’s 55lbs. The fact that she gets off her ass and on a platform at her age kicks ass.

That is absolutely hilarious.

Lol @ wrist wraps.

There seems to be significant psychological barriers to lifting at that age, good for her.

My 67 y.o. mom thinks lifting anything over 3 lbs. is harmful, needless to say, she’s extremely weak.

Due to arthritis and a few other health issues, she really can’t lift much, but I think it would do her a world of good to do a little lifting, it would probably help with the use of her hands if she stressed them a little bit.

But I wish she has started 20 years ago, she would have much better use of her hands today…

if my grandmommy ever started benching, i would high five her.

Wrong forum man, post this in strength sport.

fuck it, I plan on living to 90 so I to can have a world record

I plan on living to 91 and beating your record, bradden :slight_smile:

then i’ll see you both and raise you a …oh wait ill have died and been buried in a big f*cking box.

That video is unimpressive.

I just watched this video and signed on to post it… beat me to it! I’m going to try to convince my grandma to go for the record.

[quote]CPerfringens wrote:
Lol @ wrist wraps.[/quote]

I was actually happy to see those. It’s an indication that the trainer takes their health seriously. If she allowed her wrists to roll back, the way most people bench (including myself a lot of the time) that would put a lot os stress on her bone structure. Then CNN would have had a real nice story.