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84 kg Squat Jerk


first night trying these, trying to get my kendrick on!


are you going to use the squat jerk as your jerk technique or are you just trying it?


i will prolly start squat jerking. i didnt think i would fare to well. but i think i can get this hang of it quickly. and it will match my clean numbers soon enough.


Squat jerking is tough! I gave it a try, by all means give it a go but I wouldn't stop power/split jerking. I don't think I've ever seen a guy your size squat jerk!

Keep us posted on how you get on with it! I think a good squat jerk looks amazing


Keep is updated on you progress.

I did 95kg when my split jerk was around 120 or so?



I recently made the change to squat jerks. The highest split jerk I have done is 120 kg. I can only do 90 kg so far on the squat jerk. My problem areas, being tall, are lower back and glute strength. This lift really targets those areas. I hit a 105 kg snatch from blocks the other day. The only reason I couldn't get 110 was due to the fact my triceps are not strong enough to support that much weight yet.

Squat jerks are the ultimate strength-building movement, imo.


No man. Heavy ass Clean & Jerks would be the ultimate strength building movement. Or Oly squats.

Squat Jerks are too balance orientated to be the ultimate strength buidling movement imo. They do look the most bad ass though!



Why do you think guys like kendrick farris and pyrros dimas always squat jerk and can do more weight squat jerking?
Genuine question.
They stronger in the muscles needed for that variation? Do they just personally prefer those variations?


I think generally if you are good with balancing the squat/power jerk you are better off doing that instead of split. The big advantage that split jerking gives is the balance.


Dimas has a huge front squat and he did not have a Squat Jerk, he has a Power Jerk and sometimes rides it down deeper. Look at his lifts in his early years he did not ride them down much as he was uber f0cking strong. Later on he kept going a bit lower due to the heavier weights.

In an iron mind video of the training Halls you see Dimas do some split jerks! I think I heard from somewhere that Dimas hurt his foot and he did Power Jerks instead. Probably just BS but I heard it from somewhere.

You need a huge squat to make it affective and a lot of balance. You got to come up again from deep with a weight over head for 3 C&J's that you didn't have to if you could split. Recovery is slim to none on a Squat Jerk.

It looks totally bad ass though :smiley: