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80's Party???


Ok, so I was invited to a sweet 16 by a friend from the summer. She is hot as hell and has really cute friends so of course I want dress to impress. Only problem is that the party?s 80?s themed, I have no idea how to dress.

Soooo any one have an idea?
Important things to keep in mind.
-Im kinda cheap/Poor.
-the partys next week.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Well, if it's gonna be that sweaty... Dress for heat.

Just watch an episode of Miami Vice or something. Think tight.


ugh...Some times i hate spell check.


White pegged pants, two bright layered Polo shirts, collars popped. Goodwill is your friend.


I just wore t-shirts and bluejeans. If you're talking style find a retro store. Pastel colors, t-shirts with sports jacket sleeves pulled up. Slip on shoes no socks. Or do a Saturday Night Fever John Travolta disco theme, white big collared shirt collar turned up in back, vest and jacket, being able to dance helps with that one.

Miami Vice, very good place to look. It's all summer cloths in that show.


You can also pull off 80s glam metal.
Motley Crue is king.


If you have some busted old jeans make some shameless cut-off shorts. Add shades and a sleeveless shirt and you'll be all set. Really, 80's parties are about attitude. If it's a sweet 16 party than the odds are against anyone there actually knowing what people looked like back then. Have a lot of fun and the chicks will want to have fun with you.

EDIT: watch a few Tae-Bo videos if you need some ideas for dance moves.


This is what you should be going for.



I was going to suggest zumba pants, but you've clearly been shown the light.


Don't forget to put a bit of coke on your nose. Authenticity is important.


Flip the script, and dress like you're in your 80s...high pants, glasses, walker with tennis balls on the end, you get the idea


Brilliant!! Would attract a lot of attention too. Always good.

But for my money, you just can't beat the mystique of the Jehri Curl.


If she's 16 she has as much knowledge about the 80s as the Pope has about being Rick rolled.
Just dress up so that you feel comfortable.


Why are people who weren't even alive in the 80's having an 80's party?

Damn, that makes me feel old.


Because sixteen-year-old girls are fucking stupid.


I never understood the 80's party stuff. Even folks my age were only BORN in the 80's.