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80's Commercials


This stuff is hilarious. I can't believe you old people used to dress like this.


Well shit on me! So many memories with this stuff! Memories I had repressed until now! DAMN YOU WOLBARRET!!! DAMN YOU TO HELL!!! lol


Its what I do, sir.


The end is amazing.


And looking at your avatar, Wol, who is the little girl Overeem is kicking? That was just plain wrong!


No idea. Its one of my back up avatars.


Not really a commercial


Shoulder pads like a motherfucker.

Muh. MUH.


hehe, here you go Wol!


you started it WOL!



Thanks for those! I don't even remember or had never seen many of those, but it takes me back to watching TV when I was 12 or 13. Silly to reminisce on TV, but being in Asia now I pretty much only watch "Lost" on DVD and the occasional movie.

I've looked at some commercials from the early 90s too now and it's funny how 1991 to 1994 kind of look 80s now...and I'm 36 now...so it's weird that I can be tricked like that about a decade I grew up in.


Dude, you're missing the essence of the 80's -- It was testosterone's last stand.

The 90's gave us, well, Emo. 2000 and beyond? Wussification of Man.

Also gave us the original metal chicks: Denim, leather, and lipstick.

Billy Dee: Testosterone

Mr. Obvious: Testosterone

Even Sesame Street still had some edge:




"I don't claim you can have a better time with Colt .45 than without it...but why take chances?" - Billy Dee Williams
Ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!



Mr. Obvious: Testosterone

Even Sesame Street still had some edge:

Agreed, before emo rock we had thrash metal and before the wussy energizer bunny we had JOCKO!!




That reminded me of this: