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800mg Test Cyp a Week, Total Test Is Only 1406!

Does it only clear test faster or all the steroids?

which sites?
i believe you dont do glutes as slin pins just wouldnt even touch the muscle, no?

Not sure actually

Are u also doin ED shots always?

well this guys thread went to shit because you all constantly feel like you gtta take over everyones threads …

hank been doing this for 16 years and still Doesn’t know that 10 ml in a 1 ml insulin syringe equals 1ml …wow wow wow, but you want to give advice left and rite bud. Gtfo

and hrdlvn …get off my nuts pal, do you have a crush on me :slight_smile: i just call it like it is. Most of you clowns posting and giving advice havn’t got the slightest clue.



we helped the guy realize the mistake he was making. So, we gave him what he was looking for. Then, after he was taken care of, we continued to discuss the topic / generate discussion on a discussion board. :man_shrugging:

Meanwhile, all you offer the guy is this….


And we’re the clowns that haven’t got a clue?



Only when I run Anavar or LGD. Right now I’m staying away from orals for a test-only bulk this fall/winter. But if I do a spring cycle, it’ll be with orals and I’ll likely have to do daily shots of test

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his topic was answered, im sure he is not comming back for more of the same answers…

i had never used insulin syringes before, yea… didnt wanna make a stupid mistake… and no, i have never given any advice on insulin syringes or ML/CCs…

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150 is the same guy who blew up a thread a few weeks ago because we were also coddling people with mental illness, who needed to toughen up and it was all in their heads. That, and this post is how you lose credibility, and people will continue to gloss over his posts, and likely ignore any new threads he starts.

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This thread definitely didn’t go to shit. The dude’s question was resolved and a related question evolved naturally from the replies following.

You’re really tightly wound. As per the e-mail I sent you not too long ago, take a time out to compose yourself.


Completely agree. Often the tangents on beginner cycle threads are where lots of valuable info is found.


Wow, you actually do that for members? That’s considerate man, heckuva thing to do as we all sometimes need it.

Curious, how many emails did Danny get before he got the boot?

Thanks for looking out for folks especially in these strange times.


I got an email once because I was continuously referencing a fantastic type of pudding

Now let me tell you… This particular pudding was the BOMB, my email in my bio still references it

Come to think of it… I’ve got some in the fridge.


Confused as to how 10ml ANYWHERE equals 1ml…?

Carry the 3 and I think you’ll get the right answer.

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If your SHBG is 2, how often should you inject a total of 200mg test c per week?

And to follow up with another question regarding low shgb… if switching to daily shots is it best to stick to a longer ester like cyp or switch to prop?

You get more Test with Prop, but it has more PIP, but with low dosages probably not an issue. Personally, I like longer esters. I pin EOD with Test E, for stability. If you are going for stability more injections and long ester are what you go for.

Not an acurate answer but based on what we have discused and experiences of people in here, if your SHBG is 2, you should probably inject twice a day…
SHBG in 12-20 seems to be needing once a day shots, in hopes to not lose more than 10% of the total test… If its as low as 2, it definetly is at least twice a day pin.

you would get more test in a vial if you use prop, like @mnben87 said, but then again you screw up your calculations… going from 200 of enth to 200 of prop, would be different actual dosages of test… i wonder if side effects work the same way? i mean, does 200mg of prop containing 190mg of test gives more sides than 200mg of enth having 175mg of test? (numbers are just as an example)…
also since doing ED injections let us absorb more test, do we also get more shit from it since the actual absorbable dosage is higher?
my test on ED of 250mg a week is the same as it was on 400mg a week E3D.
On the one hand i am taking less… on the other hand - aint i just fucking myself up just as much as if i was on 400mg? this is probably an question to @readalot and @unreal24278

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I’m thinking about doing dailies for TRT just to see if I notice a difference. Just pre load 7 shots at a time