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800mg Test Cyp a Week, Total Test Is Only 1406!


  • Been taking 800mg pharmaceutical grade test cyp a week (injecting every 3.5 days), prescribed by a TRT doctor
  • got bloods as you’re supposed to, before injection, in morning before breakfast etc.
  • TOTAL TESTOSTERONE IS ONLY 1406. While taking 800mg a week.

Any ideas why? Is there anything I can do to fix this? I’ve read the ratio of dosage to total test is generally 4-6x more, and I’m not even hitting 2x more. My results in the gym also feel very much aligned with how low my total test numbers are.

It takes about 40 days for T cyp to reach a steady state.
How long have you been injecting before testing your TT?

Bro hook it up lol. My doc only allows 200mg


My only guess would be your SHBG is literally zero and you’re metabolizing that test very quickly

Is there a solution to SHBG if that is the case? How is it fixed?

2.5 months

Well something is not adding up.
Does your bottle say 200mg/mL?
How much are you drawing into your syringe for each shot?
also, the testing lab could have just made a mistake.
Do you know your SHBG?
Did you have other parameters tested like free T, bioavailable T? for example:

In my country tests that show over the norm get screwy. Sometimes mine show less test on 1g a week than on 400mg a week, etc. It can be 30 one day and 300 the next week, so i just dont do bloodwork for test anymore.

Why is your Doctor prescribing you that much Testosterone ?


There’s almost no chance you’re injecting 800/wk and TT is 1,400. Not impossible, but damn near it.

What concentration is your Test and what volume (mL or cc) are you injecting each time?

When you got Labs done, was the method LC/MS-MS? If not, it’s not accurate. You don’t have to take my word for it. Google “more plates more dates LC/MS”

Lastly, this could explain some of the deficit, but not all. What is your SHBG? For reference, my SHBG is 16-18. I was recently on 400/wk test and after 5 days off, my test came back 929. Not as outrageous as you, but still absolutely silly. If you’re SHBG sucks, you will clear test so much faster.

I saw you asked how you can fix low SHBG……

  1. Time off gear
  2. Clean lifestyle(good diet, lots of sleep, no drinking, smoking, partying). I assume you already have this dialed in, otherwise you would literally be pissing away the results of your cycle.

Also regarding SHBG, not a fix, but a work around….
If yours is low, you’ll have to inject more frequently(daily) to get the most out of your cycle. Otherwise you are literally pissing away half your test each week.

Hope this helps.

Something isn’t adding up here. What was your TT on 200mg/w?

In your case inject more often


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I’d be real curious to see a picture of his prescription (without personal info) and to hear a description on what size syringe and what mark he’s drawing to. Gotta be a breakdown in communication/understanding somewhere in there.


@Professor_Hulk does cruise normalize SHBG? I dont know anything about this. Maybe i could get more out of my cruise dose if inject EOD instead of E3D?

Friends, I may be the stupidest man of all time. My brain glossed over the part on the vial that says “200mg/mL”, and simply assumed for some reason, that 1ml is the same as 1 gram. And so I thought .8 on a 1ml syringe would mean 800mg of test cyp. When in fact, it meant about 160mg of test cyp. Thank you for being here for perhaps the most painfully stupid thing I have ever done in my entire life I’m going to go die now.


sooo my qusetion is stilllllll… your dr prescribed you 320mgs a week for trt ??

@GiveHonest64 I am glad we could help you figure this out. That is kind of what we all enjoy doing around here.

Nah he prescribed me something like 160mg a week or so. My dumbass thought if I’m taking .8 on the syringe a week, that must mean he’s prescribing 800mg a week. Like I said, I am not a smart man.

Haha don’t worry man. I was pretty overwhelmed and confused when I first started. I don’t even know cooking measurements so starting TRT and learning medical measurement stuff was extremely foreign to me. Glad you got it figured out.