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800g-1kg of Beef a Day + Dozen Eggs?


I shoot for 5500-6000 cals a day and milk is cool and good, but fuck it make me break out.

But I can get down ground beef like nothing, its cheap, give me a shit load of energy and with 800g to 1kg its like 2000-2500 cals. I will add to that 12 egg for a good 840 cals.

Just wanna know if somebody is eating like that on a regular basis? good result? too much fat?


You won't need that many cals with a high fat diet such as this. You will need FAR fewer carbs on a plan like that.


Why do you think that? I have a physical job 8h a day, Im 18 years old, fast metabolism and don't gain an ounce of fat on a 4500 cals diet.. this is why I got for that. On low carbs I feel like shhiiieeet.


If your plans are to gain weight, go for it. You will get fat if you are eating extra calories but you need to do that. You are far from the first person who thinks they can't get fat. I was eating 10,000 calories before I gained enormous amounts of muscle. With the extra calories I gained a little size in the mid-ruff as well ; ) Diet and cardio will burn the fat away though after you reach the weight you would like.


Clarification: I didn't say you had to set carbs at or below a certain level. I said a high fat diet will need less carbs, for obvious caloric reasons (see more explanation below). If the increase of fat is new, then I suggest trying out 2 weeks at your current calorie level, but switch to the higher fat level. I think it's best to see for yourself how just switching to a higher fat diet, while holding cals constant, effects you. Fat gain can be expected if fats increase drastically while in a caloric surplus.

Discussion: I have eaten this way for cutting and occasionally (and plan to very soon) for normal caloric phases (to maintain/increase lean mass for a sport that requires weight restrictions). When on a cutting diet it works well for me and I can lower carbs and keep muscle and have energy (as long as carbs are 100-200 depending on average daily activity level -- more carbs when more workouts, even on non-workout days if I feel I need them, which I read as a sign that I am doing it right. I believe that the reason for this is increased insulin sensitivity when carbs fluctuate/teeter on the verge of being adequate/slightly-inadequate for normal glucose replenishment. Transitioning to higher fat diet (lower, but not "low" carb, i.e. not ketogenic -- where carbs are in the range of 100-200g/day) will also increase the body's creating it's own glucose from adipose tissue, IF AND ONLY IF total cals and carbs are in check. This is a good thing as excess carbs tend turn to fat.

Cutting/Normal Carbs: My experiences from this type of dietary strategy was positive. I speculate that it will work well for situations with "normal" calorie levels.

Bulking: If you are bulking, then high cal plus fat is a bad idea. Moderate fat with adequate amounts of each fatty acid (3,6, 9, saturates, etc) and variable carbohydrates (day 1 or 2 high, day 2 or 3 lower carbs). Cardio and supplements help to modulate this effect as well.


My first year of lifting I did something similar. However, I didn't eat very many eggs, but drank a ton of milk.
I usually ate 1-2kg of steak a day, a half gallon of milk, and most days a whole pizza. This plus my "normal" diet put me at about 4000-4500kcal/day.
I put on about 50lbs in that year. I also added a little bit of fat, but nothing obscene.
Of course, for a few years before I started lifting, I was a year-round triathlete training 20-30 hours a week... my metabolism was much higher then than it is now. My maintenance level eventually dropped from about 3500kcal/day to about 2500kcal/day.


I eat like that while bulking on a regular basis. Actually up until like 2 months ago i would have the dozen eggs for breakfast then up to 2lbs of ground beef post workout.

Works great.


kneedrager, 10 000 cals? that fucking insane. where you eating the whole cow?

anyway gonna try it and see what happen.


How do you know how many calories he needs? He didn't tell us anything about himself in the OP.


Sure he did sam. 18, fast metabolism, HARD PHYSICAL JOB, can't gain weight on 4500 cals/day.

Emphasis mostly for tiger there. When youre 18 and active you can eat a shit ton more than when older. Also a physical job makes it really friggin hard to gain weight. I remember eating 6000 calories and losing weight ( ~20 lbs that summer) when I had two physical jobs + training. I literally could not eat enough to maintain.

So in my mind it's completely ok. Go for it man.


yeah its fucking ridiculous its seems like the more I eat, the less I gain.. I started eating a lot of hamburger+GOMAD and can gain a fucking pound..


I hope there's some fiber in that diet that you didn't mention. Otherwise you'll risk blowing a gasket on the rare occasions when you can actually shit.


I eat a entire box of pasta a day(1240cals) + a weight gainer(140g of carbs) + oats in the morning + banana + grappe juice in the morning, pre and post workout + chocolate bar peri-workout.. more carbs?


He gave that info AFTER Tiger responded. When Tiger told him it was too many calories, none of that was posted. That's why I'm questioning how Tiger could possibly know it was too many calories without knowing anything about the OP.



I'm 38. I remember 18. May your metabolism 20 years from now serve you as well as today... But don't count on it.


Oops! Yup, you're right.


You need a detailed food log. Every day. Somewhere in there is the answer and I think it may be you are not eating as many calories as you think you are, day in and day out.

Are you running at all? Or just lifting?

Do you take a pre/during workout protein shake? Or just grape juice?

Finally, use heavy whipping cream for your daily protein shakes (NOT near the workout time, you want workout shales to hit fast, not slow). 800 calories in 1 8oz cup.


Whey + double cream (50% fat) + cinnamon reminds me of custard. Plus it's tiny, so it's easy to squeeze it in between your regular meals without becoming full.

50g whey and 100ml double cream is about 650 kcal.



Sorry for any confusion. I think my point came across poorly. I just meant that if the OP jacks up the fat (Sat Fat especially), then his metabolism would be shifted so that weight gain would be easier. Dairy fats, beef fat, and egg yolks are great for this! I wasn't trying to say that the OP needed less than 5500 cals, or anything like that, nor was I trying to say that. Sat. Fat. is an important variable in the diet.


Just buy a damn weight gainer shake. The most ridiculously easy way to gain lean mass. Drink one after each meal for an easy extra 2000-3000 calories.