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8000 Calories a Day


World's Thinnest women eats 8000 calories a day:




Wow that is crazy. Wonder what would happen if she ate like 10k or even 15k calories in a day? I am interested to see what others think of this anomoly.


Yeah yeah, all the hardgainers CLAIM to eat so much food... I wonder what her food log looks like... :-p

Seriously, interesting story!


great find OP! That is insane... i wonder how no one has ever started a thread about that until now. oh waaaaaaait..............


Calories in, calories out my ass. Obviously, there's more to it than that.


Yeah but she sprints for 60 miles a day, that's what they left out


1) Whats her normal temperature? Is it superhigh because all the food is being burned off for heat? Unlikely because of her lack of muscle mass, but whatever.

2) Does she spend all day pooping? Because at 8000 calories and nowhere on her body for it to be stored, the food would just have to go through and come out the other end.

3) When she does poop, is it fully digested and in proper poop form/composition, or is it still mostly food because her body doesn't actually digest what she's putting into it?

The calories obviously have to go somewhere. She doesn't have a lot of muscle mass so (with my lack of medical knowledge) I don't know how she could have a high metabolism. Meaning, the food isn't being used for energy or heat production. So where would all the calories go, if they're not being used or stored? Out the other end, probably not very well digested, would be my assumption.

So why isn't food being digested? Maybe thats a good place to start? Maybe she needs some Betaine :smiley:

Anyone agree/disagree?


Cliff Notes: Poop poop poop.... poop


Interesting story - especially the angle about the 'thinness gene', but they've interviewed the lady, her family and doctors - but has anyone interviewed her tapeworm?




That's a whoooole lotta poop. She must need to buy the finest TP known to man to keep her ass from bleeding all day.




That's nothing...I got about 2,500 calories stuck between my teeth right now.


How was she?




Where are all the bodybuilders claiming 0% bodyfat? lol


Yeah, Prof X, where are you??!! : )


Also, saying she is zero percent body fat is stupid IMO. She may be extremely anorexic... to the extreme... lol...

but if you have 0% body fat you die... so...

I also have some big doubts that she actually eats 8,000 calories a day. I don't care what the news article says... I wanna see a food log.

Even with something like hyperthyroidism... 8,000 calories would still be a bit much...


She does look pretty soft for zero percent.