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800 Pull at 198


So how many guys in the 198 class can pull 800? I know about Norris and Caleier. I was just wondering overall how many actually conquered the 800# mark.
My next meet I will be pulling 750+@198 if everything goes as planned. I said at 41 if I did it I would stop. Well being a PLer I stopped thinking about stopping and started thinking about 800. I personally think the number is about 10.


As far as I know 6-7 add Bealyev -that is spelled way off. Ben pollack is very close. Granted I’m decently far now 100ish lbs I shoot big I want 800 tested at 181.


I think that Ben Pollack did pull 800 about a year ago, he said he had to switch to conventional shortly after because sumo was causing him knee pain.


Also forgot Vince anello. And there’s another kid I don’t know his name but if he’s really drug free has a shot to break the 198 record.