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800 Club!!!!



Great pull! Looked relatively easy.


Damn, and double overhand!?

Incredible strength OP!


This is awesome.


that is incredibly impressive. great work chris


thnaks everyone, appreciate it.


Damn strong pull. Great work!!


Great Pull!


Thanks again :slight_smile:


Wow that was so legit awesome work. Happy to see you pull it with no straps. You weren't bullshitting in another threade when you said your grip was good.


hah yeah man, I knew my grip is fine. Since after all I do hook grip and besides an occasional skin rip in thumb (only on really good bar (knurling)) You shouldn't be loosing grip. Even my regular DOH or mixed grip is not bad since I do strongman training periodically with heavy farmers walk which tax grip hard for some people yet never really seem to be a problem for me.

Thanks for checking it out dude.


another person I can add to people I hate...how the fuck some people are just ridiculously strong like this is mind-boggling. congrats bro, nice work.


Welcome to the club. Looks like I can finally start the "Race to 900" thread.


hah forsure. dude. or 855 since 9plates a side would look pretty cool. lol


Nice pull. I just want to be in the 700lb deadlift club this year, once I get back in gear.


Good job Chris.

Related ( and awesome) video


Hmmm...I just retired after watching this video...gonna start underwater basket weaving


Your not supposed to tell him, now he will beat us at that too.

What's with the double overhand grip? Did you just always find that grip easier, or did you choose to improve it instead of switching to alternating.


I'm fucking speechless. Just gonna go shit myself and jack off with my own tears.... it eases the internet castration I just experienced.


Excellent job by the way. I was too dwarfed to even think to congratulate. You stick with this and you'll be breaking some records. DEADLIFT FTW