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80% of Daily Protein from Whey


I'm getting really tired of buying, preparing, and eating lots of meat of to consume protein.

I noticed that 100g of chicken breast and one protein drink (using the amount per nutrition facts given by the maker) are virtually the same price. Using an amount of protein that's the same cost of meat, I get 15g of protein and some carbs, for a total of 84kcal.

Would I be doing myself harm getting almost all my protein from whey? I eat 5 eggs every morning, so there's 35g there. Aiming for 200g of protein a day, if I got 165g from whey would I be doing myself harm or not utilizing the protein?

It's not like I'm going to abstain from meat. I'll eat meat when I eat out. Or when I have some time and I feel like cooking, because I do enjoy cooking, then I will eat some meat. But preparing and then eating 800g of chicken everyday is a real bitch. I'm feel I'm at my limit with it. I'm not even doing a good job of it anyway, disruptions in life that leave my schedule busy butt into the time to go buy and cook the meat and then my diet will suck for a few days or I'll end up spending more money than I want to eating out.

Opinions appreciated as I'm pretty clueless on the nitty gritty of nutrition.


You're looking at 400% of your daily cholesterol from those eggs which is kind of sketchy to be doing every-day. Though a lot of people would debate that.

anyway on topic: You are probably going to be selling yourself short. Protein powders are great, whey powder is great, but health-wise you are looking at a lot of essential and micro-nutrients in meat that you could be getting. steak, chicken, turkey and lean pork are all really healthy and great for physical development.

You could check out some of the prices on fish to see if they are comparable or liquid pasteurized egg-whites. (steak is usually really cheap compared to chicken and offers great protein. 2oz chicken is like 16gs protein and 2oz of steak has like 19gs protein) cheaper and more efficient.

If you must use only whey, you will still likely make amazing gains. but you should still probably be eating meat of some sort daily for physical recovery and full hypertrophy and for basic health.

eating one type of meat like chicken all the time every-day probably isn't the healthiest option either, dietary diversification is a adaptation to avoid over-loading on the toxins present in one type of food or overloading on a given nutrient. you'll eat more if you have whey and chicken or steak and chicken, than just chicken.

when you use a variety of protein sources over just 1 you may find your body utilizing that various protein sources better as well. more bang for your gram of protein.


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Just to clear things up, you're only planning on outsourcing 80% of your protein needs to supplements and you'll still get carbs and fats from real food sources, correct? I don't think it's a great idea regardless. Yes, protein shakes are great for getting that extra bit of protein into your diet or serving as an easy fix if you're on the go and have no other options.

You say you're clueless about nutrition and what not, so my suggestion would be to change that and educate yourself. Find whole food protein sources that are affordable, easy to make, and most importantly you enjoy eating.


But OP, it's time to start being a grown up and cooking meals despite it sometimes being a "bitch."

Whey protein is basically milk without the sugar. So, as a thought experiment, what do you think someone would say if you told them that 60% of your diet or whatever consisted of milk. Sound healthy? Also, I haven't seen anyone on these forums talk about getting results off just doing supplements. They're called "supplements" for a reason.


I live off mostly whey and egg whites for protein, i dont eat much meat and i do ok


I could be wrong here but I'm getting the opinion that your daily intake of meat comes mostly from chicken? If so, then it's no wonder you are getting fed up with eating meat if you are eating nothing but chicken. Chicken can be tasteless as fuck unless you cover it in spices & herbs not to mention that it takes a fair bit of time to cook.
Get some variety in the types of meat you eat. Have some striploin steak one day, fish another day etc. A steak should take 6 minutes max to cook (if you like it medium-rare), the fish barely a couple of minutes on the frying pan.
So there you have delicious healthy food that takes fuck all time to prepare & cook.


Whey protein is not a supplement.

Whey is just another form of protein. Just like beef is a form of protein (and fat, minerals, etc).

Whey protein is a food like anything else.

Your second to last sentence is based on a false premise.

I also dont see how the milk analogy is relevant. Saying 'whey is just milk without the carbs' is like saying 'diet soda is like regular soda without the carbs'. That's true, but that doesnt make them similar. They are two very different things.

With all of that said, I dont think OPs idea is good at all. But as far as body composition goes, there probably isnt going to be a problem.

I also dont think eating chicken all the time is a good idea.


Chicken is what I COOK. It's not the only meat I eat.

Also I live in Japan, so everything is basically really expensive. If it's anything other than chicken, protein is a much cheaper and convenient solution. Steaks are out of the question. I'm not paying $5 a fucking oz for a steak. Fish can come cheap, but anything else gets expensive.

Days where I have more time I'll probably still cook some meat, but days where I am fairly busy and do not want to cook I will drink the protein. Again this is only for protein -- it has nothing to do with the vegetables and fruits present in my diet.

And don't worry about the eggs comment. I've been eating 5 eggs nearly every morning for two or three years now and I'm not about to stop because of the cholesterolz!


Dog meat:

Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
Energy 1,096 kJ (262 kcal)
Carbohydrates 0.1 g
- Dietary fiber 0 g
Fat 20.2 g
Protein 19 g
Water 60.1 g
Vitamin A equiv. 3.6 μg (0%)
Thiamine (vit. B1) 0.12 mg (10%)
Riboflavin (vit. B2) 0.18 mg (15%)
Niacin (vit. B3) 1.9 mg (13%)
Vitamin C 3 mg (4%)
Calcium 8 mg (1%)
Iron 2.8 mg (22%)
Phosphorus 168 mg (24%)
Potassium 270 mg (6%)
Sodium 72 mg (5%)
Ash 0.8 g

Source: wikipedia.com

You're welcome.




I've actually been doing this the past few days. Partially out of laziness (what can I say--I'm on vacation!) and partly because I just wanted to see what happens (call it an experiment). All of my protein has basically come from whey and fish. OP, all I want to say is that if you do choose to do it, make sure you aren't living with someone easily offended by terrible smelling sh**s. I've frankly been blowing up the toilet the past two days. Experiment: failed.


Why stop at 5 eggs?

Seriously. A dozen eggs keeps you full for a while and is damn cheap.


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Only people with a death wish eat six eggs in one sitting.


A lot of people have had to do this before. Myself included.

You'll be fine for now.