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80-100 Gram Grow! Shake?


Is this too much for one "serving"? I like to have one Low-Carb Grow! shake at 80 grams when I get to the office, then another 2 hours later. I have a lunch/dinner then 2 hours after that another 80 gram shake.

I have read somewhere that your body can't use more than 30g per serving? Is this true?

I am 240lbs...trying to get in 1.5 grams per lb.



Did I read that right? You drink 3--80 protein gram shakes a day?

No stomach/flatulance issues at the office?


A Resounding No. Baseless BS.


As long as you can afford it then keep it up!


seriously....what container do you mix it in?
.......how long does it take to drink?
.......other than that I think I read somewhere that 30g/serving idea is bs.


You could very well be Biotest's optimal target customer. Shit, I bet you go through a tub every few days.....

Damn that's a lot. I'd say get more whole foods in you instead of mega loading on shakes.

So 240 with Shakes and 120 with food is about 1.5 grams per body weight. Id swap those numbers and eat 240 and drink 120.


Yeah sometimes 100 grams in one shake.

No, none at all here at the Office. I guess my body is used to it.

I mix it in the electric blender we have here with around 36oz cold water from our Crystal Springs fountain. I used milled flax seeds as seen in the Velocity Diet and drink it from a 32 ounce plastic cup I have here.

I drink it as soon as it comes out of the blender so it goes down fast and I am never hungry. I do have a solid meal once a day just so I get enough calories to do my weight lifting then an hour of pretty high intensity work on the eliptical at the gym.

I like the convienence. It is so much easier than preparing food/going shopping/cooking etc. I would be doing the Velocity Diet since I also use Maximum Strength HOT-ROX except I have my one solid meal a day.

Anyway thanks for the info I thought that 30g per serving info was BS.