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8 Yr Old Raped, Shunned by Family



This shit is just disturbing. Not the actual rape, cause really nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to kids doing stupid shit, but the fact that the family doesn't want the little girl back and don't even care that she was raped because of their "culture".


I thought God took care of kids...


That is so fucked up and disturbing,I actually feel sick doing it.I'd love to catch the little bastards that did it and beat them to death.


The boys should be put down. If they are doing stuff like this at an age like that then there is no hope for them.

The father should be arse raped. That way he may have a little more sympathy for what that poor child has juts gone through.


Good Lord, I feel sick.

Poor little girl, she'll forever have severe trouble trusting another human being. And who could blame her...?


WTF! Sad all the way around. Two crimes, the sexual assault and the shaming of this girl. She has no chance in life with those odds stacked against her.


This is a terrible crime for little kids to committ.


If this is symbolic of the attitudes being shown to this little girl by her parents(being shamed for being raped), then the best thing for this little girl is that she is NOT raised by these parents. Nor should any other children be. It should be viewed as negligent to allow her back into the care of these people.


I would like to think that she wasn't really treated inappropriately by her parents before this horrible thing was done to her.

I've heard this before that in some cultures in south africa, it is viewed that being raped is the girl's fault because, it is presumed that the girl is dressing in a certain way or trying to somewhat show some interest in a sexual manner.

It's fucked up, I know.

But truth is, and this is a known fact, that some girls in South Africa are forced by their mothers to have their breasts FLATTENED OUT because developing "too early" most likely will get them raped and portrayed as being sexually active and looking for that KIND of attention from males. I saw this in a documentary and couldn't believe what I was seeing. Everyday after school for I forgot how many days or weeks, this girl's mom heats up a stick and presses it to the girl's breast and pounds it gently until it is LITERALLY flat.

Some agencies around the world are protesting against this but really there's nothing we can do because it IS their culture and belief. It's a shame this shit happens but in my opinion it's nothing different than any other religion/culture.


^^ Here's the link to that:



This story is completely fubar.


It is barbaric. You can still pass judgment and call them the savages that they are. Also keep in mind that cultures that only understand force are ones that also need to be dealt with by force. There is no reasoning with savages.

A culture based on reason, defense of individual liberty, property rights and freedom of the individual to pursue happiness is FAR SUPERIOR to the savages that mutilate their young and force service and conformance to the collective.

As for the original article, unbelievable. The boys are being raised like savages and the girls family is just as bad.


As being a father I personally think that the father in this situation needs to get his ass beaten and raped by some lifers in the pen. Then have him thrown back into his world of shame.

And those little boys all getting charged as minors. I think if kids can do adult crimes then they can face adult jail terms. So if you rape your sentence carries 20 years ..you start in juvenile detention and go right into pen time till your full 20 years are done.


This country wasn't much different in the 50's. A girl getting pregnant in high school would be the shame of the entire household. Girls getting raped would be ignored or treated as if it was their own fault.

There was basically no significant aid for raped women before the 60s and 70's.

I do agree that this sucks and the girl may be better off away from their care....but we really don't have the legs to stand on to act so superior when we just basically walked out of the wilderness ourselves.


Bull shit. When you know something is wrong you stand up against it. It doesn't matter if you come to the realization two minutes ago or two hundred years ago.


Well judging by your logic we are 59 years ahead, which apparently makes a world of difference.


Who wrote that we don't stand against it? There was talk of savages...if that is the case, then American grandparents are savages as well.

I am all for changing that perspective. I am not for the act of superiority as if we are so above an entire culture of people in all aspects.

You act as if it is not possible to stand up for beliefs without belittling a country at the same time.


It does make a world of difference. America has grown a lot...however, somewhere in all of our pride of how great we are needs to be the understanding that we are not perfect and are still progressing ourselves. 30 years ago we were still allowing government agencies to experiment with syphilis on African American farmers.


And governments can be the most savage of entities when left unchecked and allowed to abridge individual liberties for "the greater good" as defined by those in power.


100% agreed. Especially the serving the whole term part.


How so?