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8 Year Old Suspended From School



y'alls country is f@cked


I remember that me and my friends used to play army with sticks as guns and acorns as grenades

If i was a kid and did that today, I wonder what kind of counseling they would put me in...


In the 90's my buddies and I in the early grades dressed up as soldiers for Halloween. Complete with toy guns... Two of them went on to be very successful Marine Corps officers. None of us are psycho's....

"Park Elementary told parents it would give counseling to any children who needed it after the Pop-Tart incident."

Ban pop tarts perhaps?


wonder if the poptart fit his macros


Ya for MD, another shinning example of how awesome our state is!!


How did this sugar laden breakfast pastry make it through the school doors in the first place? Are there not rules banning them? Pop Tart control doesn't work.


Reading stuff like this literally enrages me.


The new sugar scanners haven't been installed yet, conservatives think they're too costly.


counselling for seeing a half eaten pop tart, what a horrifying experience it must've been!

when we send all those kids in africa aid we will have to send counsellors from now on as well


No gun shaped pop-tarts but this is perfectly acceptable if the teacher uses a trigger word.


I was going to laugh hysterically at all of this being overblown by Americans but then I realised England would have this sort of stupidity soon enough, if not already.


Oh Charm city...


Ahhh... You guys already have us beat


Lol, enjoy your sporks.


that kid deserves to die

they should hang him upside down and beat his feet with crowbars until he's permanently crippled.

they should shave his head and tattoo "filth" on his forehead

sterilise him so he cannot pollute the gene pool further

I mean, I don't want to live in a world where a kid honestly thinks it's ok to play

I blame the parents


If I had a nickel for every time I ate something in the shape of a gun, or used a stick as a gun, I would have a shit load of nickels. That's like, a lot of nickels.

I'm a grown ass man, and still do this from time to time. Fight the power!


X 1,000,000


Nice to see the NRA slithering into this kid's brain when they get the chance, Heston must be smiling down from...purgatory.

Soon enough this kid will have to stand in court and argue for his second amendment pop tart rights. This is happening quite frequently now though isn't it? Teachers and administrators over-reacting like all hell once a kid makes a finger gun and shouts pew! pew! over in America?

Bless his little future serial killing, mass genocide-inflicting heart.




Yes, there is a massive collective freakout going on, because people don't like the fact that real life isn't Mary Fucking Poppins. But they sure as hell want the government to try and create a life like that. Fuck freedom if it means I might die someday.


You know what I think? I think shit like this is actually contributing to a lot of problems in today's youth. Little boys are hard wired to run around and be energetic and play and pretend fight and imagine themselves holding stick guns and blowing up 10000000 aliens. Fucking doping them all on Ritalin and telling them that aggression is the devil and they need to be pretty much just girls with penises is supposed to be better than letting them be boys?