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8 weeks with HST - results

Hi all. I thought I’d share with the forum my results after doing 8 weeks of HST. Just got back my results this week after going through a body fat analysis.
Preface to the results: Because of a need to save big on money these days, I’ve taken to using my bicycle for going just about anywhere I need to go. As a result, I’m burning up a TON of calories a day, but NOT taking in enough to support all that endurance work. So, as a result, my HST results were not so impressive. I actually lost weight overall (went from 159 pounds to 155). This is all on account, I’m sure, of the increase in aerobic output, without a simultaneous increase in food (carb) intake. I did lose three pounds of fat (good) but LOST one pound of muscle (BAD!! VERY BAD!!
The key is to really up my carb intake substantially for as long as I am going to be doing so much cycling. Hopefully with more carbs coming in, more protein will be spared, and muscle loss will not occur.

Interestingly, though, after a week off of HST to recuperate, I’ve begun a wave training program, alternating between sets of moderate reps and weight, and set of heavy weight with low reps. I find that I am able to go heavy without a lot of difficulty. Prior to doing HST, I would be too intimidated to go very heavy, but now it doesn’t seem like a big deal at all. Again, good news. The challenge, however, as mentioned above, is to prevent any more muscle loss, while still doing the degree of bike riding I need, by necessity to do. if anyone cares to offer some thoughts or feedback, I’d be very appreciative. Thanks again to all for your continued support. Take care.

Not a bad ratio of fat/lean loss. What form of bodyfat analysis did you use? It is possible that some of lean gains could be water, glycogen, and not actual muscle issue:)