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8 Weeks TRT Numbers seem HIGH...

46 -age
5’ 11"-height
46" -waist
260 -weight

-describe body and facial hair
overweight, moderate/light facial hair

-describe where you carry fat and how changed

-health conditions, symptoms [history]
generally healthy, significant weight loss over past 18 months (86lbs through diet and exercise)

-Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs ever
multi vit and occasional phentermine (12.5mg 2 - 3 times per week)

-describe diet [some create substantial damage with starvation diets]
low carb <50 p/day for past 8 weeks

-describe training [some ruin there hormones by over training]
recently started lifting three days per week. beginner level

-testes ache, ever, with a fever?
no problems here

-how have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed
major increase since starting TRT

Backstory: Went to a Health & Wellness doc to get on a supervised diet plan. The diet plan is basically just a low carb diet. He tested total T and result was 320. He has me getting weekly injections of 200mg Test Cyp. I suspect this facility is mostly interested in my money… I decided to get some blood work done just for the hell of it after 7 weeks of diet and TRT shots.

The doc said at one point over the past several weeks that I would “probably” see around a 100pt rise in my total T from the shots. He has never said anything about Free T, Estradiol, etc.

Lab Work (LabCorp)

Lab work was taken 10:00AM on a Tues. 6 days AFTER my last T shot. 12hr fasting.

Testosterone, Serum >1500 High 348-1197
Free Testosterone 37.4 High 6.8-21.5
Estradiol 79.9 High 7.6-42.6
DHEA,s 124.8 71.6-375.4

Total Cholesterol 165 100-199
Triglycerides 74 0-149
HDL 33 Low >39
LDL 117 High 0-99
T.Chol/HDL Ratio 5 0-5

TSH 5.84 High .45-4.5
T4 6.8 4.5-12
T3 35 24-39
Free Thyroxine Index 2.4 1.2-4.9

Albumin, Serum 4.2 3.5-5.5
Alkaline Phosphatase S 129 High 44-102
ALT 21 0-44
AST 19 0-40
Bilirubin, Total .9 0-1.2
Protein, Total 7 6-8.5
Globulin, Total 2.8 1.5-4.5
A/G Ratio 1.5 1.1-2.5
GGT 17 0-65

BUN 11 6-24
Creatinine .92 .76-1.27
BUN/C Ratio 12 9-20
Uric Acid 5.9 3.7-8.6

Fasting Glucose 92 65-99
A1c 5.6 4.8-5.6
Est Avg Glu 114

C-Reactive Protein, Cardiac 1.04 0.00-3.0

Vit D, 25-Hydroxy 26.8 Low 30-100
Iron 81 40-155
Calcium 9.3 8.7-10.2
Phosphorus 2.4 Low 2.5-4.5

Ferritin 106 30-400
Progesterone .8 .2-1.4

It looks like I need to have a conversation with him regarding an AI. Correct? And probably also lowering my dosage to 100mg p/week?

I’m reading this forum like crazy but wanted to get some input from those more knowledgeable than I.

I actually feel pretty amazing right now. Body comp is changing more over the past several weeks than it had in the past 10 months. Libido is high. Energy high. Sleep is not good but it really never has been.

Anyway, could I get some feedback regarding my numbers and potential direction. I didn’t go into this guy for TRT. But if I’m going to do this, I want to do it right.

Thanks in advance.

fasting glucose?

this will be fast and rough :wink:

Please read these stickies:

  • advice for new guys
  • protocol for injections

You are been over medicated !!!

You have [subclinical hypothyroidism - makes you fat, E2 makes that worse

  • read the advice for new guys sticky

  • read the thyroid basics sticky
    – post body temperatures as per sticky
    –post history of use for iodized salt and/or vitamins that list iodine

We need lab timing relative to prior injection

  • and read the protocol for injections sticky

You were not tested for LH/FSH and a diagnostic window has been missed.

You need to fix your thyroid levels and T levels. Your E2 is very toxic to you arteries, brain and insulin sensitivity. You are border-line diabetic and at risk. Also test IGF-1. This can be fixed. And do not eat anything white. Attend dietary training for diabetics in your community.

You also need a 4 sample saliva cortisol test or at least AM cortisol at 8AM.

CRP is not cardio specific. Should be homocysteine.

100mg T per week, injected twice x 50mg, inject as per protocol for injections sticky
250iu hCG SC EOD
1mg anastrozole per week, .5mg at time of T injection

Blood pressure?

Three stickies to read and need the thyroid responses.

You need to fix your metabolism.

fish oil caps
DHEA probably needed, test DHEA-S
high potency B complex multi-vits with trace elements and iodine
chromium picolinate
vit C, natural source vit E
5-6,000 iu Vit-D3, tiny oil based caps at USA Walmart
Co-Q10 ubiquinol form 50mg, 100mg if taking a statin drug

ping me at ksman is here thread after you get more info here about you as per advice for new guys sticky

Definitely need to get that E2 in check. I think 20 is the sweet spot for Estradiol.

That’s awesome that you are feeling good! Did you have any symptoms before the TRT? If so, are they all gone or are there still some that are lingering?

"fasting glucose?
cholesterol? "

Added above.

"–post history of use for iodized salt and/or vitamins that list iodine "

I use iodized salt some (but not all) of the time. I do take a multi-vit w/150mcg iodine daily.

"CRP is not cardio specific. Should be homocysteine. "

It actually was cardio specific. I typed it wrong. Edited above.

“Blood pressure”

Usually pretty good. 117/85 sometimes a bit higher, sometimes a bit lower.

"We need lab timing relative to prior injection "

6 days after my last shot. 10:00AM after 12hr fast.

“You are border-line diabetic and at risk.”

I’m actually steadily reducing my risk here. My A1c 8 months ago was 6.8. I’m down nearly 90lbs. I believe my A1c will continue to fall providing I continue my current diet and exercise program. I don’t eat white products or sugar. I do consume a lot of eggs, tuna and red-meat. I eat a moderate amount of chicken.

CRP is indicative of inflammation in general. Homocysteine is cardio specific. Many have this confused and concepts linger after homocysteine testing became available. CRP and BP suggest that things are OK. But E2 is toxic to the endothelial cells in your arteries. Endothelial dysfunction is the process of heart disease! High E2 also probably reduces insulin sensitivity even as higher T improves it.

High E2 is reducing your metabolic rate and making weight loss difficult.

Body temps please… lets see what is really going on.

If one becomes iodine deficient, you really cannot recover with RDA doses. If you need to take .75 grams of iodine, how are you going to get 5000 days if RDA on board? You cannot as you are then treading water.

Extreme weight loss can also increase rT3 that can create a state if reduced thyroid function even when thyroid hormones are ideal.

You are doing very well and I admire your resolve.

No sane doctor will start a TRT patient on 200 mg testosterone per week. He is going to ruin your health. Find another doctor.

[quote]seekonk wrote:
No sane doctor will start a TRT patient on 200 mg testosterone per week. He is going to ruin your health. Find another doctor. [/quote]
My anrp started me on 200mg. She also told me I can’t have arimidex because my bp is too high. I guess she didn’t realize my bp is too high because I’m on 200mg of test, and my estrogen is too high. I’m starting to lose confidence in this nurse. But, I really am limited to options, as far as who to go to for trt.

Yo ? There’s a place in town called (The Gym) That’s where your 46inch waist can be reduced to 38inch’s and that is more reasonable.The excess Fat is responsible for your metabolic syndrome.Your testosterone and e-2 will become more equal as the body desires homostasis. Lower your calorie’s,especially your high glycemic carb’s and up your protein to 1gram per kilo of bodyweight? that’s for sedentary people like yourself.

As people who train and lift weight’s don’t have 46inches around their waists.Also check-out some of the cardio equipment,Like the treadmill,or stair climber.This cardio exercise help’s speed-up a person’s metabolism pre and post workout. In conclusion it’s 1.Exercise 2 Nutrition 3 Hormones if necessary?.goodluck a pump-up those muscles

Hey Johnny,

You are a straight fuckin douche.

I’m familiar with “The Gym”. I’m in it several times per week. There is a place in your town called (A School) where they teach things like reading. If you would have spent more time there and picked up that concept you would have READ my post. I’m already low carb/reduced cal and down nearly 100lbs.

What’s the protein requirements for low brain functioning folks like yourself?

In conclusion it’s 1. Read 2. Comprehend 3. Try not to look like an idiot when responding. <== might be a challenge for ya.