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8 Weeks Out


Hey long time no post. Right now I am 185 and 8 weeks out from my show. Any kind of pointers or critque would be wonderful


back relaxed


abs and thigh and sorry for the washed out legs


rear lat


front double bi


Impressive back. Could you briefly go over your training ?


Your serratus muscles are ridiculous! Great work


Thanks for the kind words but for when I am dieting I like to keep a decent amount of volume and keep to basic lifts nothing to fancy or speial. I also like to keep the weights as heavy as I can manage and still keep decent form. In the offseason I alternate every three or four weeks doing high volume then switching to medium volume then low volume just so my body dosent get stagnet.


Just wondering, how tall are you?


Looking good man. Maybe it's just me but it looks like you could build your traps some.


I am about 5 8ish

And ya my traps have always been a problem. They are just slow to build and take some extra tlc


Do you employ any special method to target your serratus muscles? Or is it simply a combination of genetics + heavy and consistent lifting?


look pretty good, nothing stands out as lagging. I'd suggest just getting bigger/thicker overall but thats probably your goal after this contest anyway.


Nothing special just genetics and heavy ass weight.


Thanks a lot! Ya that will be my goal after the show to hopefully hit a solid 220.


Your traps look good and proportional from the back.

Do you have any other poses, like a Crab Most Muscular? None of the poses you posted showcase the traps, so it's really tough to say how big they actually are.


Sadly I can't do the crab I've practiced constantly but I can't make my traps pop so when I try it I just look funny so I cut it out of my poses.


Nice work.
Nothing to add really, just thought I would give you props.


it's kind of annoying that there is nothing I can pick on him about. What show are you doing? what are you doing for your contest prep? working with anyone?

just curious


Ha you can nit pick all you want I don't mind. But I am doing the central states in grand rapids michigan in august. The guy doing my diet is a small town guy around where I live he has done my diet for my previous two shows so he knows how I diet and it's free so I can't complain. But I have cycling my carbs with high carbs on legs medium-high on back medium-low on chest low-medium on shoulders and low carbs on days off. We usually switch up the diet every two or three weeks depending on how I am looking. The next change will probably be next weekend.