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8 Weeks Out - NPC Novice


Take a look at some photos and let me know what you guys think. I'll get some actual pics taken hitting some poses in the next week and will pop those up.

Currently standing at 5'10 and 218lbs or so.


well these pics were not turned sideways when I posted them lol


close up quad shot to show some conditioning


Mad fucking jelly.

How long you been lifting for OP?


Your wheels are outstanding! I'm always jealous of guys with big calves. Any chance you could get some better upper body pic.s on here; those first one do you no justice.


That separation and sweep is very impressive. good work.


Wow...shoulders, calves and quads look great. You've got some McGrath-like vascularity going on in your calves.

Have your legs always been a strong point or have you brought them up in some fashion over your training years?


Looking very good. Definitely throw up some pics in mandatory poses as you get closer!



Thanks so much for the feedback guys! I'm a very awkward dude and nobody but my wife has seen my naked skin in 6-7 years lol. Im actually not sure I'm muscular enough for a show, hence my posting. Got another pic snapped in the gym today and will post after my friend sends it to me. Hope he got a good one. It was a side chest in a tank top.

Legs have always been a strong point which motivated me to prioritize them for years. I just started benching 6 weeks ago after shoulder surgery 4 years ago. Was able to add dips back in recently, as well, this has helped upper body thickness tremendously, obviously. Weighted in at 220 today after carbing up yesterday.


Looking very good bro. I think you will do just fine. Probably better than you think in your show. Very impressive wheels and the upper body will come. Just keep hitting the weights hard.


Your physique is way to advanced to be competing in novice. I would move up to Jr. You'll piss everyone off in novice because of the wheels. That's typically an area that makes or breaks competitors and you have them so if you want to really be judged against equal peers you should enter Jr. Just my 2 cents.


You look good 8 weeks out the work now start for you try to take you time harden up and work on more details overall delts and chest thickness upper quads more poseing


Being from New York and going to local show in my area NYC you see novice guys who look like season little top level amatuer bodybuilding how ever you look good . Prepare you self for battle you never know who else is training hard with good body doing show expect to see guys like yourself but better in novice every couple of day look for improvement at this point not so much change in weight .good luck