8 Weeks Out Mens Physique Show

currently 12% body fat and 70kg. What Macros would you guys suggest, and would you suggest cardio in the first 2 weeks of prep? my metabolism is insane and I eat about 2900 -3200 calories without any weight loss or gain.

What are you currently doing?
What has your weekly progress been the last 4 weeks or so?


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Currently doing Push Pull Legs rest and repeat. No cardio at the moment and 260g protein 60g fat and 160g carbs at the moment. Decided to just enter a comp so this will be 1st week dieting.

I would reconsider. You have no physique to show.


Seems like you lost a TON of weight, so congratulations to that!!

Being completely honest here, assuming that’s why you posted, to get honest advice. You’ve lost a lot of weight, and that’s awesome, and you’re starting to get some muscle on your physique. The fact that the show is 8 weeks away and you just decided to do it and do not have an understanding how cals, macros, cardio, etc., in addition to seeing your current pics, you are not ready to do a show. You will look emaciated if you lose much more weight, and your physique needs a lot more time to develop if you want to look like you belong on stage.

I’d recommend taking a year to train like a bodybuilder and physique competitor (there really isn’t much of a difference), learn how to eat, consider hiring a coach, and then consider stepping on stage.

Please be sure to post with any more questions or thoughts.


Completely agree with all @robstein said. I would take a proper year or two(or whatever needed) offseason and eat like an animal, train like an animal and put as much meat on your frame as possible and only then think about the next step. Theres so much learning and hard fucking work involved that given the current place where you at its best to lock yourself with a huge fridge in a dungeon gym, up the fucking calories and train balls to the wall for some years until you have what to show, learning from mistakes along the way. And this is with all due respect and sincerity as I wish you nothing but success in whichever route you decide to take.

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Cheers man