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8 Weeks or 12?


I just can't decide! Here's the deal:

I've got 20cc's of Test Cyponate and 10cc's of Equipoise. So I could either run 500mg of test/wk WITH 250mg/wk of Equipoise. For a total of 8 weeks.

Or I could run 500mg of Equipoise/wk for 4 weeks followed by 500mg of the Test/wk for 8 weeks for a total of 12 weeks.

I've got plenty of Clomid/Nolva so thats not an issue. Which should I go with?

BTW, in addition to those I'll have one week of Anadrol50 that I'll run either at the beginning or at the end of the cycle.


weeks 1-8: cyp 500 mg/week
weeks 4-11: primo 250 mg/week
weeks 1-4: drol ED

keep the nolva on hand.
start PCT week 12 with both clomid and nolva or 2 weeks clomid followed by 2-3 weeks nolva.

thats all i got. i'm drunk ....going to bed.


Thanks Juice.

BTW I edited my original post. I won't have the Primo, too expensive! so Im going to go with 10cc's of Equipoise instead. And only one week of Anadrol.

It looks like you're suggesting that I tapper a bit, right? Using the less suppressive drug at the end? Would the drug swap-out change anything?


a week of drol is not long enough IMO. just get another bottle of EQ and go 8 weeks of Test/Eq...@ 2cc's of each per week......if thats what you are set on doing....actually, it looks like you are not really sure what you want to do bro. i'd suggest holding off until you are totally prepared and educated and KNOW the course you want to take, and how you are going to do it, and with what AAS and ancillaries and supplements etc etc etc.