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8 Weeks on TRT, What Tests Should I Take?

Hi, I’m 41, height 5’5", weight 107 kg (237 lbs) almost 40% body fat.

I’ve been on TRT (Testosterone Enanthate) for almost 8 weeks now on 200mg per week,
Of which first 2 weeks were (every 4th day) and last 6 weeks I’ver been pinning EOD (every 48 hours) still totaling 200mg/week.

Before I started TRT my initial
free testosterone results were :

1.89 pg/ml


0.189 ng/dl.

First few weeks were Shakey, going from feeling great to feeling down and terrible at times, I felt a lot of power at times, workout felt great.

Then it became kinda stable till 5th week when anxiety, insomnia and palpitations kicked in which lasted for two weeks and subsided after I started taking few herbs ( Saw palmato, Passion Flower and Stinging nettle). Sleep and palpitations are better now since last week and still feel a little anxiety on and off

I still don’t feel much of mental improvements kicking in yet even after 8 weeks, although I see muscle and power increase as well as fat gain. In the very beginning of my TRT I did feel a lot confidence and I felt fearless, could be the placebo effect IDK but it felt good, and that’s what I need the most right now.

Now, I want to know what are the Absolute essential lab tests that I need to take, I don’t have insurance and can’t afford a lot. So please guide me towards the bare minimum that I must take , and also what tests I should take 2nd and 3rd priority wise.

Any other suggestions are welcome.

Free test
Total test

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At 5’5” and 237 lbs, I’d test for diabetes.

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I wouldnt test for at least another 4 weeks, and I would stop taking all of those supplements too. In the first 8 weeks not much really happens, you have the rest of your life to realize this though. I was once there too.

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I have, I’m clear for now.

But those supliments helped me with the palpitations and insomnia, and they are for controlling excess DHT and Estrogen conversion. Can you elaborate?

You think that’s what has helped. I think its just coincidence. Im not a big fan of saw palmetto and other so called natural supplements. You havent had a test yet to help you make a decision on how to mitigate issues such as high E, even though that’s debatable. I take 220mg/week and with the higher doses, daily injections bring stability with no spikes in DHT/E levels. 8 weeks is just the beginning. If you really want to boost your TRT take 2.5-5mg of daily Cialis instead. Take it before bed and let it go to work. The relaxation of your CVS should help you sleep. As for palpitations, it helps too. Test is barely making it into your system. Its beginning to stimulate a series of things that have been slow for a long time. Muscle growth and aggression are not part of the program yet, but red blood cell production is escalating, HCT will be affected and for this make sure you eat good food and drink plenty of water. At 8 weeks you’re barely opening your eyes to the idea of a new you. In a year you will recognize that this is not even close to what you will be like as you keep moving forward. Anyway the less stuff you take, the better it is, especially in the beginning of your journey

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Actually I was concerned because I thought maybe I’m taking too much or not enough T, but mostly I’m afraid of using too much and then getting too much Estrogen and so on.

Can it be dangerous? When should I ideally get tested then?

If you microdose your aromatase activity wont have as high as a peak and it tends to mitigate any spikes in DHT or E. Dont fear E if it climbs a bit. Test at 12 weeks. Then you will know. You’re fine, and no its not dangerous if you run higher than normal for a 3 month period. Im sure your doc will lower your dose or keep you there depending on what the numbers are. Dont worry about a thing. Take your medicine and enjoy the ride

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Got it, Thanks.

Does pinning Every Other Day ( every 48 hours) qualifies as micro dozing? That’s pinning 15 times per month.

Yes. I pin daily and sometimes the amount of needles collecting can become excessive, but my dailies are why I feel great.

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Good, thank again.

You’re already there. You’re taking a hefty test dose and you’re clinically morbidly obese. That’s almost a guarantee that your e2 is going to be higher than you want it to be. What’s your BP?

Is there a reason you were started at 200 mg a week, as opposed to, say, 100 mg?

Its how its done by Docs that want to get you up and work you down to normal levels. I know there are a bunch who oppose this method but its how you chisel out a man vs working him up. Hope it makes sense.

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Last I checked my BP was 114/74

Maybe because my T was literally almost non existent, 0.189 Ng/dl.

Besides, my symptoms were pretty extreme, was severely insulin resistant and so on. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

Just FYI that has absolutely no connection to what dose you should be taking. Natural baseline is useful in determining if testosterone should be the treatment, not how much is used. Choosing the right dose is an art as much as it is a science.


Yes you’re right, most experts I consulted suggested I should start here so I did. Only the tests will tell what adjustments I need to make with the dosages, that’s exactly why I started this thread, to ask what tests I need to take so I can adjust the dose, but haven’t really gotten much suggestions yet.

Thats because you shouldnt be making adjustments this early in the game. Stick with the program and you will be alright. Start messing around and you will be here constantly talking about your bad experiences.

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