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8 Weeks on the 10 x 3?


I've just started on the 10 x 3. I am finished with around 8 weeks of the 5 x 5, and I'm hoping this is the right way to go for fat loss and muscle retention. Any comments would be appreciated



1) are you currently seeing results
2) Is your diet in order?

There's nothing magical about a 10x3 set/rep scheme, especially if you use shitty exercises and live off bon-bons.


Are you talking about Chad Waterbury's 10x3 for fat loss? I lost muscle & a bunch of strength on the big 3 doing this. Weight used is too little, too much lower body work, rest times are too low. No flat benching was a BAD idea. :slightly_smiling:

I lost a lot less muscle & strength when I switched to madcow's 5x5 intermediate while dieting.

I lost fat & gained strength (and some muscle) carb cycling while doing a version of the texas method, as posted on stronglifts.com


Diet is finally in order, and I just came off eight weeks of the 5x5. I was able to get my weights up to usable amounts on the squat and deads. I'll continue to increase when I don't feel pushed.
I really didn't want to hear of the muscle loss. That's what I was worried about.

squat 235, dead 255, overhead press 115

Thanks for the info

(Yeah, it's Waterbury's 10x3 for fat loss}


Did you start off with the 10 x 3? Your pic from 1-08 doesn't look like you have any fat to lose. Great progress!


Just a little more info on the diet. I'm eating one to two clean meals a day. The rest of the caloric intake is provided by protien shakes, milk, and fruit. On good days I'm around 2000 calories a day, bad days are around 2500. Both high and low days are around a 30/40/30 split.


Hey Duddy, this is just my $.02 and I am by no means a expert. If you eat a calorie deficient diet and do any workout you will lose a little strength. The trick is to loss a little as possible. Once you get back to eating maintenance or above the strength should come back quickly. If you goal is to loss fat, by all means go for it. If you goal is to get stronger, go for it. It is more about the diet than the workout.


Forgive me if I sound jaded on this, but don't use these programs, they are just a waste of time.

I have never met a big guy who followed all these random ass programs.


What would you suggest? The 5x5 seemed to increase my strength, and I was looking for someone with a little experience with the 10x3. But believe me, any ideas that are tried and tested would be greatly appreciated.

I know everyone is different, and what works for one might not work for someone else. Really, any suggestions for fat loss with minimal muscle loss would be appreciated.



I didn't, really. That was while I was doing the texas method, which was after I ran madcow's 5x5 intermediate, which was after I ran 10x3 for fat loss. So I did start with the 10x3, but, I would never do that again.


Look, just get a split routine, most of these pre planned programs are crap. Do 1-2 muscle groups a day, anywhere from 12-20 sets per muscle and stick with 6-12 reps per set. Eat large amounts of food and you will thank me.

I think 10x3 is just a bad idea except maybe if you are trying to go the powerlifting route.



Thanks Way. I'm gonna stick with this program for another seven weeks, gauge the results, then I will jump back to what you are suggesting. I used to lift that very way when I was younger. Thanks again.


Pulled 265# on the deads for 10x3. Wanted to up the front squat to 135#, but I knew there was no way I was going to finish all ten sets at that weight. Dropped to 115# and finshed all sets ass to the floor.

My endurance has come along. On "off days." I'm able to do equal amounts of time on the treadmill. Walking at 4mph and jogging at 7mph.

My weight is staying still at 220#