8 Weeks of Test E, No Gains

Ok, I’ve been on a test E cycle for 8 Weeks now. I have had zero gains or sides (other then typical strength and size for the amount of carbs and work I’ve been putting in) I haven’t noticed any change or side effects of any kind. I stopped taking my anti E For a few Weeks still no Change. I was planning on a 12 week cycle but I really dont want to keep up with this shit if its bunk gear. Any ideas/input?

I was on TestE 500Mg ( BID )
8Weeks in.


Get blood test?

if your diet and training are on point then your gear is probably underdosed/fake

Bad gear

fake gear my friend… =(

The quickest way to notice good gear is increased nighttime temperature. I prefer winter cycles because of it. You should notice a change within a day or two of your first injection.

Look at the bright side, no pct and you still have your first cycle ahead of you!