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8 Weeks Into TRT, Test/Estrogen Lower Than Ever

Hello T Nation forum.

I need some help with my self administered TRT.

I am currently on 100mg test cyp injected every 3.5 days and 250 HCG.

My testosterone has been around 11 - 13 for years… whilst this is in the normal range it has been acknowledge by doctors as low… but not low enough for treatment in the NHS.

I have just had my blood tested again for testosterone and estrogen and both have come back lower than ever. This is after 8 weeks on test cyp…

It has came back at 7.89.

In between jan 18 and nov 20 I see see a blood specialist who advised about it being low but can’t be considered for treatment by the NHS)

Jan 2018

Nov 2020


I wonder if you are injecting the correct amount of test.

Or injecting correctly? Or got bunk testosterone?

What are your current LH and FSH levels? If they’re still at a normal level the test isn’t getting into you for some reason whether it be a problem with the test/the amount you’re injecting or your injection method.

If they are bottomed out then you are for some reason extreting a lot of test!

Whats current SHBG etc- can you post all the current results?

These sound reasonable. However your Nov 2020 labs don’t show a necessity for TRT. You are mid range on both TT and FT with a functioning HPTA.


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Yeah bunk testosterone or injection failure. Im betting the OP is doing subq

All my other bloods show as normal. I realise that my results show normal but looking at other ranges by age group I fall into the 80 year old man category!

I am injecting subq


Its not clear… are you on 100mg e3.5d or 100mg per week split into jabs every 3.5d.

Looking at your earlier free t numbers I’m assuming you are low shbg?.. you could be clearing a lot from the system.

What are your Nov 2020 medichecks FSH LH SHBG values- screengrabs like before would be good

Without knowing your SHBG I’d guess you have bunk test. But if your SHBG is very low, which is possible, you just need to inject more often, maybe daily

Edit: are you also taking an AI?

100mg per week split

This is a BS statement. Sorry but it is.

And… this is why you’re low. 100mg/wk works for a lot of guys and simply does not for another lot of guys. You probably need to bump is 150mg/wk and re-test in 6-8 weeks.

No ai.

My estrogen is low.

Thank you. Problem found. Please switch to IM (shallow 1/2inch quads or delts is fine), redo bloods in 6-8 weeks and revert back to us.

This also

Your lipids are not within normal ranges…

Pay Balance My Hormones or Optimale £100 per month for prescribed pharmaceutical cypionate to rule out fake gear.

I inject 18mg subq daily and my free test is 0.8. My free test was 0.22 before treatment.

My bad. There is a history of high cholesterol in my family.

Doesn’t high cholesterol help with testosterone. ?

Is this screenshot before or after treatment? If before, do you have the same results, including LH/FSH, after treatment?